Mushroom Cafe In The Park

A Peaceful Breakfast @ Mushroom Café In The Park



It it a perfect place to have a cup of coffee/tea and tuck into your favourite local breakfast at the heart of a tranquil park.  The Mushroom Café which is located inside the SengKang Riverside Park in the Multi-Purpose Hall has become popular among the morning joggers and the park visitors.   Either you are heading there for breakfast after your morning exercises or just to have your hearty breakfast without sweat, Mushroom Café in The Park is the perfect venue.




The SengKang Riverside Park had gain its popularity and the number of visitors have increased amazingly since I first wrote about this park back in 2010.  It was then a quiet park and a desolated landscape.  However, now it is thriving with visitors participating in various activities in the Park.  It may be due to more population settled around the park as well as the number of organized events and activities in the Park.

Check out what type of activities you could do at the SengKang Riverside Park.

Mushroom Resturarant 1


The Mushroom Café in The Park is airy and you could smell the morning freshness of air and grass while sipping your coffee/tea.   Almost half of the Multi-Purpose Hall is occupied by the Café and you should be able to find a seat except on the busy Saturday and Sunday Morning.




The food is typical of local dishes such as Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Curry Chicken, Chendol and Mushroom Chicken.  Prices ranges between $3.80 to $5.50.

I ordered the Mee Rebus and the gravy is thick and rich which is topped with Green Chilies.    It tasted better than what I had expected and I would recommend this dish to you if you visit the Café.


Mushroom Bread




The eggs and kaya bread toast set costs $3.80.   It is a well worth set of breakfast that comes with 2 boiled eggs, toasted bread and Coffee or Tea.   A traditional breakfast that tasted much better under such green and peaceful environment.









Mushroom Pancake


I ordered the Pancake for my son who initially wanted to go across the park to the McDonald at the SengKang Sport and Recreational Centre but he compromised with the availability of this pancake set.

Although I do enjoy the BIG breakfast at the McDonald, I would prefer to have my breakfast here.  At least,  it comes with real cutlery and plates Smile

Mushroom Menu

The menu could be found hanging on the wall behind the cashier.  Quite a variety for a simple café like this in the park.

Mushroom Resturarant 2


During the weekends, you will find that the Café is fully packed with park visitors and it is very hard to find a seat.  During weekends, you will also find parents who are sipping their coffee/tea while watching their children having classes at the end of the Multi-purpose Hall.


Other times, the Café is peaceful and quiet and will be a perfect place to have a relaxing snack and meal.  Imagine the fresh air, greenery and bird chirping sounds surrounding you while you are enjoying your meal?   Let me know how you like this place once you visited it.



Nearby Attractions

You might also want to visit As the following places of interest are nearby, you may want to combined your trip with any of the followings:

SengKang Swimming Pool

Sengkang Recreation Club/Anchorvale Community Club

Roti Prata at Jalan Jayu

SengKang Riverside Park

Punggol Park

SengKang Floating Wetland and Punggol Reservoir



SengKang RiverSide Park

50 Anchorvale St





Clean public toilet right at the end of the Multi-purpose Hall




Pancake King

Pancake King  麵煎大王

Pancake King


Judging just by these 3 things, the food for this store must be good:


1. The name of the store contain the powerful word of “KING”.  It dares to name itself “Pancake King”!

2. All the testimonials and endorsements hanging around the store.

3. The long queue and constant flow of crowd for this store.




Squeezed in between a row of food stores at the Serrangoon Garden Market,  the “Pancake King” sells a wide assortment of pastries, pies and cakes.    Although this store is famous for the traditional Chinese pancake (ming Chiang Kueh),  I am going to introduce you other irresistible delicacies this store sells.




Trays of different cakes, Kueh and pastries are neatly stacked and the price tags are clearly displayed.




Butter Cake which sells at only $1.60 is large and buttery in taste.




My favourite and its best seller is the Egg tart which sells at $1.50 each.




All the products are using fresh & natural ingredients.   Best of all, they are fresh from the oven and HOT!




Apple pie sells for $2.40 each.


20150613_143153Their rich Chocolate Delight Cake is a must try for anyone who love chocolate!   The servicing is huge slice and full of chocolate, very rich and moist.  Each Slice costs $3.20.






The brownie is another of my favourite.




The brownie sells at $2.60 each and so rich in chocolate taste and mixed with Walnut!  Just simply mouth-watering!




Make sure you heat it up before serving and eating.  They are irresistible!




Even the local kueh, Yam or Carrot Kueh, is yummy.  Each sells at $1.20.




The Banana cake is another local delicacy which comes with rich banana taste and fragrant!




As I said, the Egg Tart is my personal favourite.   Just look at the texture of the egg paste!  It is nicely baked with crispy crush.   What delighted me most is the thickness and fullness of the Tart.  It is the thickest egg tart I ever seen on the market and so full of eggs!




I must say this store really sell superb quality products and the price is very reasonable!




All the products are made on-The-Spot which ensure freshness and the fresh from oven taste.






49A Serangoon Garden Way
Stall 25, Serangoon Garden Market
Singapore 555945


By Bus

Alight at the Serangoon Garden CIRCUS.

Bus Stop Number : 66271.

Bus services 73  136  315  317.





Tel: 9137 9722






White Bee Hoon at Punggol Settlement

Sembawang White Bee Hoon @ Punggol Settlement



Most of you must have tasted the famous Sembawang White Bee Hoon located at Jalan Tampang.   The food is delicious but there is nothing special about the surroundings.   If you want tasty Sembawang White Bee Hoon plus a cosy ambient with beautiful sea view,  you should visit its branch at the Punggol Settlement.




Just located along the Punggol promenade at the new Punggol Settlement,   you will find many newly opened eateries.  The restaurant name which sells the famous Sembawang White Bee Hoon is called the “White Restaurant” which must be proudly named after their famous White Bee Hoon.   It is located at the ground floor which could be easily located.   The restaurant floor area is not too big and could not occupy too many tables.   If you want to enjoy the cool sea breeze and sitting under the starry sky at night,  there are also tables located outdoor.     As the seating is limited, reservation is highly recommended, especially during the weekends.




To begin with, I would recommend to start with some of the White Restaurant’s signature starters.   The “Meat and Seafood Roll” (蝦棗) is stuffed with minced prawn and pork and fried to the right crispiness.




Another starter I would recommend is their well marinated Fried Chicken Wings.   They are served hot with a wonderful aroma that will definitely whip up your appetite.




All these starters go well with a cool chilled beer.   Strangely enough, they only sell “Heineken” and not other beer brands. 




The next dish that we ordered is the “chilly prawns with the sticky beans”, which is palatable.




Of course, the main star-dish of the White Restaurant is the Sembawang “White Bee Hoon”.  This dish is signatory and is a MUST if you even patronize this restaurant.   The dish is equally savory as the original one found in the Sembawang White Bee Hoon Restaurant.     In fact, my visitors from other countries (the USA,  Korea and Japan) gave high praise for this dish which is unknown to them in their countries.   It proves that if a dish or food is good, it crosses geographical and cultural boundaries.




The pepper venison which is served piping hot is very tender and well-liked by my visitors too.




The mackerel fish which is $12 per slice is deep fried and tasty.



We also tasted the sambal Sotong, the Sambal La-la and their famous fried Tou-fu which never disappoint us.




Compared to the original Sembawang White Bee Hoon, this White Restaurant seems served a slightly variety of food that are not found in the other branches.   All dishes are very local and very home-made.   All of visitors who wanted very local food are surprised at the delicious food and good value of the food.




We paid a reasonable low price of around $180 having 9 different dishes for 7 of us plus the many drinks we have ordered.  This is definitely a well worth meal and I will definitely bring more people back to here.




With mouth-watering food and a beautiful cosy atmosphere, I defintely would recommend this branch of Sembawang White Bee Hoon to you.  Good to bring your family or friends here for a chill out.   After dinner, there are a few shops on the 2nd floor that serves more drinks, coffee and deserts.  It will be cool nights out!




Restaurant Name

White Restaurant



The Punggol Settlement
3 Punggol Point Road
Singapore 828694


Opening hours

Lunch (11:30am to 2pm)

Dinner (5:30pm to 10pm)

Closed on Wednesday



6702 2002

(Need to call to reserve to avoid disappointment).  The automated phone reservation system will sms you the confirmation and call you around 30mins before the reservation time to re-confirm again.




Chinese New Year Cuisine 2013

My Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Food

I believe when it comes to Chinese New Year, one of the most important thing is food!   One of Must-Have meal is the Reunion Dinner and one of the must have dish is the Yu-Sheng or Lou-Hei.

CNY Food

Today is the 15th and the last  day of the CNY, hereby I share one of the Reunion Dinner that I had and the delicious dishes that were so yummy!  Food does add a lot of spices and flavour to the CNY mood.   Hope you had a wonderful Chinese New Year too! Here are the scrumptious dishes in their serving order:

1. Yu Sheng



2. Abalone and sea cucumber.

CNY Food

3. Scallop with Asparagus

CNY Food

4. Fried Pork Rib

CNY Food

5. Roasted Chicken

CNY Food

6. Shark Fins Soup

CNY Food

7. Fried Noodles

CNY Food

8. Desserts


Cheapest Vegetarian Meal in Singapore

Cheapest Vegetarian Meal in Singapore

Do you want to know where can you find the cheapest Vegetarian food in Singapore?    Do you want to know where you can find Vegetarian dishes that are charged at only $2 even if you asked for extra portion?

Picture 039

First,  I must admit that I am not a big fan of Vegetarian food but I had the urge to promote this Vegetarian store after visiting them again last week and  received  the same good customer service  standards as before.   The thing that amazed me and give me that “WOW” feeling is that the price has not changed much since 10+ years ago and also the generous service of the food portion. I was introduced to this store more than 10 years ago by my Vegetarian friend, Daniel.   We went there for lunch and I got the same feeling that it was really value for money.    Since then, I returned to the store for a couple of times and had introduced the store to many of my friends as well.   However, it was not a convenient location for me and had not been there for almost more than 5 years.  Recently, I was in the vicinity of Buona Vista and thought again to pay this store a visit.   I went there during lunch time and as usual the queue was extremely long.    As always, you will find not just Chinese queuing but other different races as well queuing up patiently for their orders.   You have to go for this dish only when you are not that hungry and if you have time and patience to wait.    Many of the people who are queuing usually will order not just themselves but also for their other friends and also for taking away.   All these does not help too much to cut down the waiting time – you will need patience. Soon my patience was rewarded and by that time I was hungry and asked for more Mee Hoon (noodle).   The friendly aunty gave a plate of mountainous Mee Hoon which almost overflow the plate.    I was taking out $3 thinking that she will definitely charge more for that and usually that is what most hawkers in Singapore will do.   However, to my surprise, she was saying it was only $2.   What’s more, where at other stalls I could even count the number of slices of green chilli, she gave a spoonful of green cut chilli and red chilli sauce generously!!!  To be honest, the taste of the food is not the best that I had eaten.   However, the smile and the generosity of the stall owner really make this store my favourite Vegetarian store.

Picture 061

So I returned again 2 days later to the same store.   This time, I ate a different dish.     I asked for a plate of Vegetarian Chicken Rice.  Again, I was amazed a the generous servings.  The Chicken Rice almost overflowed the plate!    All this for the same price of $2!!! Ok, now  must be curious where this store is.  I will share with you where you could get the cheapest Vegetarian food in Singapore (not including those that are giving away free in the temple).    The store is located at the Holland Drive Market and Food Centre.

Picture 064

You can get there from the Buona Vista MRT station.  The Vegetarian store is located at the 2nd floor right in front of the staircase that link to the 1st floor of the wet market, right at the centre of the food court.

Picture 058 Store Name 

Zhen Ji (珍记)Vegetarian Food


2nd Floor, Holland Drive Market and Food Centre 44 Holland Drive, Singapore 270044







View Larger Map Do you happen to know any good food elsewhere?

Bishan Golf, Food and Prawn Fishing

Play Golf, Nice Food and Catch Prawn @ Bishan Nature Park


Just situated along the Mary Mount Road and right next to the Bishan Park is this place which you can do a few rounds of golf driving, catch some prawns and eat some good food all in the same location.  As this place is not new, I guess many of you must have visited it too. However, it is a place that worth visit again.

iPhone 010

When you enter the front gate you will find this golf driving building which gets quite popular during the evening as well as during the weekend.   There are two levels of driving platforms for golfers to practice their swings.

iPhone 012

iPhone 025 iPhone 027
iPhone 029 iPhone 030

If you are a beginner and wanted to learn how to play golf (or at least hit the golf ball), there is a school in the same building, Asian Golf Academy, that you can learn from. After your golf driving session,  you may be tired and hungry. There is an eating place which is down at the end of the road.

iPhone 051

There are several stores that sells the Chinese ZhiCha (煮炒),  Satay, Indian and Malay food.  It also has the famous Geyland Lorong 9 Frog Porridge.  It is nice to sit under the star-lit sky under the big tree canopy which I tried once at night. Once you get you tummy filled, you might want to proceed to catch pawn.  For me and my family, we just enjoyed watching without catching 😉

iPhone 042

There are 2 main ponds for prawn catching and also another 2 more ponds further down the road which is at a lower ground level.

iPhone 054 iPhone 056
iPhone 059 iPhone 063

In between the 2 locations for prawn fishing, there is a Fish SpaiPhone 064

You can end your day at this place by dipping your legs in the fish spa to have your leg cleansed.  Hmm… some one’s dirt may be some one’s food 😉   Location Nature Park Golf Driving Range 601 Sin Ming Avenue, (S)575734

MRT/LRT The nearest MRT Station is Ang Mo Kio (NS16).   From the MRT, take bus 130 and reached around 7 mins.   BUS There are few bus services 52, 130, 162, 162M, 410 and 588.  Bus Stop no: B53329   BY CAR Drive along Mary Mount Road towards Ang Mo Kio and you will find it on side of the road before the Bishan Park at Ang Mo Kio 1.

iPhone 037

Opening Hours

Golf Driving Range
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tue:
9:00 am – 11:00 am, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm Wed – Thu:
9:00 am – 12:00 am Fri:
12:00 pm – 12:00 am Sat – Sun:
8:00 am – 12:00 am   Prawn Fishing Open 24 hours daily
1 hour – $15
2 hours – $25
3 hours – $30
10 hours – $90


For similar Prawn Fishing experience, you may want also to check out the newest Prawn Catching hideout at Punggol too!

New Dining Hideout and Prawn Fishing at Punggol Tebing Lane

Secret Dinning and Prawn Fishing Place @ Punggol Tebing Lane


This new setup at Tebing Lane is still a hideout and unknown eating place for most of us.   I had driven pass the place a couples of time but did not realize of its existence until I read a report about it recently on the newspaper.   So armed with my trusted pocket camera (Lumix TZ-3), I searched for the place again this week.   Now, after reading this article, you’ll know the secret hideout too!


One of the main reason why it is a hideout is that it is not visible from the main road.  There are no obvious sign that tell you there is a happening place right by the side of the new Punggol estate.


At the heart of the hideout, are the Prawn Fishing Ponds.   It reminds me of the other prawn fishing place at Ang Mo Kio.   However, here seems neater and cleaner which could be because it is new.

P1070224 P1070221

There are BBQ pits that you could immediately cook what you have caught which is rather convenient.   I saw the “prize” that one person had caught and the prawns are really big and lively!


What I like most about this place is that it is located just next to the river.   The view is fantastic and only a few eateries in Singapore have such nice setting except those along the coastal area and Clarke/River Quay.   However, unlike those areas, here is relatively peaceful and close to the nature!  There is a nice jogging track along the river which is linking to many parts of the Punggol town.  I’m sure be back to check out this track. There are a few nice restaurants  at this hideout such as the Xian Seafood Restaurant & Bar, Shin Nichi (新日) Japanese restaurant, Popeyes and Frienzie Bistro & Bar.


P1070228 P1070225
P1070230 P1070210

Just like most typical Singaporean,  I went for the most popular restaurant which has the most patrons.  So we ended up eating at the Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant.


2012-03-15-124 P1070245

As the name suggests, the restaurant is famous for crabs and seafood.  The outdoor seatings will be quite nice with the evening breeze and the sunset view.  

We ordered the Chilli crabs ($40 – around $45/kg) , a deep-fried garoupa ($30), craypot toufu and a few fried buns to go with the chilli crabs sauces. Total damage  is around $110.

2012-03-15-125 2012-03-15-127


How to Go There

MRT/LRT The nearest MRT Station is Punggol and the nearest LRT station is Riviera.  Take to Punggol MRT and change to Riviera station via LRT.

BUS There are few bus services 3, 83, 85, 85# and 569 stopping by Punggol East and Opposite Blk 166A.  Bus Stop no: B65239.

BY CAR Drive along Punggol East and when you see KFC on the right, slow down.  The next junction, you will see the Sheng Jia Temple.   Make a left turn into Punggol Tebing Lane.  The hideout  is located nearby and has the prominent @ Punggol sign at the entrance.  There are 2 carparks which you can park your car.



Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk Prawn fishing

Tebing Lane, Singapore 828849

Opening Hours



For Prawn fishing

Operating Hours: 24 hours for Prawn and crab fishing
Operating Hours: For Patin Fishing 7.00pm – 3.00am Daily
(inclusive of Eves, Public Holidays and Weekends)



Mr. Prata – Roti Prata Store

Mr. Prata

Roti Prata is the most popular Indian food in Singapore.   You could find many food stores selling Roti Prata in almost every corner of Singapore.    However, to find a good one is another story.


Last week, I finally have the chance to taste the “Mr. Prata” store near the Botanic Garden.   Whenever I drove pass it, I told myself that I will try it the next time but never have the chance until last week

P1010216The thing that attracted me is the inviting atmosphere and the large attractive banner and signboard “Mr. Prata – 24 hours” outside the shop.  So I had decided to give it a try since I was bringing my child to Jacob Bella Children Garden near Botanic Garden.   After parking my car somewhere further up the road as there is no other legal parking lot outside the store, we took a short walk (2mins) through a block of low buildings.  Mr. Prata is at the end of the block and the store is divided into the open seats and the in-store seats.   The open seats outside the store is very inviting as you sit under the cool shade of the trees and enjoy the occasional cool breeze of fresh air.   It is an enjoyment to start your day with a cup of delicious


The outdoor seating is cozy and provide a nice chillout place under the morning sun. P1010214 In case it rains or too hot or could not find a seat, there are more seats indoor and cooled with the turning fans on the ceiling.   The store is clean and the services is good if you set your standards to those of the local coffee stores.



Things To Try

If you are an Indian food lover, this place sells many kinds of Indian food with affordable prices.  They have all sorts of prata and the curry sauce is heavily seasoned with the Indian spices.   It carries more than 30 different kinds of Prata and 20 different kinds of Thosai and naans.   There are both meat and vegetarian curry dishes from all over India.   You can find some unique prata not found commonly in Singapore such as cheese mushroom prata, Butter Prata, French prata(prata spread with nutella, rainbow sprinkles and topped with ice cream)  and even the  Italian “prata pizza”.   I personally prefer Garlic Prata  and Roti Prata Kosong (without eggs).

Teh Tarik with prata goes so well together so try it. I have also tried the Nasi Briyani (Mutton) which has strong taste of Indian spices.   I do not think it is the best Brivani I have tried as I prefer milder taste of  Indian spices.  The Roti Prata is not the best as well as the Prata is not as crispy and the sauce is too much Indian spices for me.  My son tried the chopped beef Prata which is a dish with prata chopped into small pieces and mixed with beef.   I have tried it and it is unique and nice. Remember to wash it all up with a hot cup of Teh Tarik (tea cappuccino)  or Kopi (milk coffee).  Other dishes which are good and you could try are Paper Prata, Tissue Prata, Ice-Cream Prata, Mee Goreng and Indian Rojak.


Nearby Attractions

If you are eating in this restaurant, you can visit the nearby attractions and make it a half-day activities, either in the morning or in the evening:
  Botanic Garden

Jacob Bella Children Garden


Opening Hours

24 hours – anytime you feel hungry. 


P1010224 If you drive, you can find some car just park right in front of the shop houses which is illegal, take your own risk.  For a peace of mind,  drive down the road and you will see a hourly carpark a short distance to the right.   There is an arrow sign at the front door of the restaurant to give you direction of the car park.




26 Evans Road
#01-02   Contacts Tel: +65 6235 6993   Official Website

My Favourite Roti Prata Store

Famous Jalan Kayu Roti Prata

Roti Prata is the most popular Indian food in Singapore.   You could find many food stores selling Roti Prata in almost every corner of Singapore. 


However, Thasevi Food store in Jalan Kayu is one of my favorite.  It has been the long beloved Roti Prata store for many Singaporeans as well, in business since 1960.   If you would like to try some delicious localized Indian food, make sure you try this Roti Prata store during your next trip to Singapore.  


The setting of the restaurant will put you at ease with the locals as it is where a typical Singapore family would have their meals. For Singaporean who have not tried this, you will love it once you have tried it.   You will find that there is always a queue to order the food most of the time when you visit.  It is that popular!


Opening Hours

24 hours – anytime you feel hungry.  Good place to go after midnight when you could not find any food outlets and you want some good food.     Typically, breakfast time is usually packed with customers.


Things to try

Their signature Roti Prata (with eggs or without).  I personally prefer Roti Prata without egg (Prata Kosong) and goes with chicken or Beef Redang curry.   Then wash it all up with a hot cup of Teh Tarik (tea cappuccino)  or Kopi (milk coffee).  Other dishes which are good and you could try are Paper Prata, Tissue Prata, Ice-Cream Prata, Mee Goreng and Indian Rojak.



If you drive, you can find parking slots like this in front of the shop houses, just drive into one of these, they are free.  Alternatively, there is a public carpark around the corner.



237-239 Jalan Kayu., Singapore 799461.


Tel: +65 6481 1537 (No reservation is needed)

MacDonald in Beautiful Garden

MacDonald with A View


Scenery and General Description

This is one of my favourite spot for fastfood and  for my children too.  This Macdonald restaurant is set in a garden environment.  The building is mostly open-air with the main ordering counter in an air-conditioned enclosure.

Trees are abundance with beautiful bamboo trees dominating the surroundings of the restaurant.  They help to create a tropical relax atmosphere for the restaurant.  It is very relaxing to sit in the open-air area listening to the occasional chirping of birds, fluttering of the butterflies and also the splashing of water when the terrapins jumped into the water.


In front of the Macdonald, is a small pond with many terrapins and small koi fish. A zigzag bridge allows you to scroll across the pond and watch the fish and the terrapins.  However, no feedings is allowed.  My kids love to come here mainly because of this pond with the terrapins.


Things to Do

You can choose to sip your cup of coffee while watching the serenity of the surrounding and the pond.   While your child could walk along the bridge.  For the younger children, they will love to play in the playground.  There is also a “atap house”, a small hut for resting and enjoying the fresh air.



580 Queensway #01-580 Ridout Tea Garden, S(149066) Macdonald map
Opening Hour

Macdonald opening 24 hours

How to Get There

Take Bus to stop in front of the Ridout Garden.  You should clearly see the MacDonald Signs along the Queensway Road.

Bus number:  93, 105, 123, 153, 186


If you are driving from Farrer Road, go straight towards Queensway but keep left and else you will drive into the tunnel that leads across the Commonwealth Road.