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Cheapest Vegetarian Meal in Singapore

Do you want to know where can you find the cheapest Vegetarian food in Singapore?    Do you want to know where you can find Vegetarian dishes that are charged at only $2 even if you asked for extra portion?

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First,  I must admit that I am not a big fan of Vegetarian food but I had the urge to promote this Vegetarian store after visiting them again last week and  received  the same good customer service  standards as before.   The thing that amazed me and give me that “WOW” feeling is that the price has not changed much since 10+ years ago and also the generous service of the food portion. I was introduced to this store more than 10 years ago by my Vegetarian friend, Daniel.   We went there for lunch and I got the same feeling that it was really value for money.    Since then, I returned to the store for a couple of times and had introduced the store to many of my friends as well.   However, it was not a convenient location for me and had not been there for almost more than 5 years.  Recently, I was in the vicinity of Buona Vista and thought again to pay this store a visit.   I went there during lunch time and as usual the queue was extremely long.    As always, you will find not just Chinese queuing but other different races as well queuing up patiently for their orders.   You have to go for this dish only when you are not that hungry and if you have time and patience to wait.    Many of the people who are queuing usually will order not just themselves but also for their other friends and also for taking away.   All these does not help too much to cut down the waiting time – you will need patience. Soon my patience was rewarded and by that time I was hungry and asked for more Mee Hoon (noodle).   The friendly aunty gave a plate of mountainous Mee Hoon which almost overflow the plate.    I was taking out $3 thinking that she will definitely charge more for that and usually that is what most hawkers in Singapore will do.   However, to my surprise, she was saying it was only $2.   What’s more, where at other stalls I could even count the number of slices of green chilli, she gave a spoonful of green cut chilli and red chilli sauce generously!!!  To be honest, the taste of the food is not the best that I had eaten.   However, the smile and the generosity of the stall owner really make this store my favourite Vegetarian store.

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So I returned again 2 days later to the same store.   This time, I ate a different dish.     I asked for a plate of Vegetarian Chicken Rice.  Again, I was amazed a the generous servings.  The Chicken Rice almost overflowed the plate!    All this for the same price of $2!!! Ok, now  must be curious where this store is.  I will share with you where you could get the cheapest Vegetarian food in Singapore (not including those that are giving away free in the temple).    The store is located at the Holland Drive Market and Food Centre.

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You can get there from the Buona Vista MRT station.  The Vegetarian store is located at the 2nd floor right in front of the staircase that link to the 1st floor of the wet market, right at the centre of the food court.

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Zhen Ji (珍记)Vegetarian Food


2nd Floor, Holland Drive Market and Food Centre 44 Holland Drive, Singapore 270044







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