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For Events Listings
If you have any interesting programmes, activities, places, seminars or workshops that are suitable for family and children, please contact the following:
Please send me as much details of the event as possible such as 1) Title  2) Description 3) Date 4) Venue 5) Fees 6) Photos.  

Do send me as early as possible if you do not want to miss the deadline of the publication of the event. 

We reserve the rights to publish, reject or edit the content of the submission.   The main criteria of publication is the suitability of the event to this blog’s readers and whether it will benefit this community.  As this is a FREE service, please be considerate, be forgiving and do not spam.

As Friends
I would like to befriend anyone who is friendly and truthful.  Please feel free to contact me as a personal friend or add me as a friend in the facebook.
If you happen to like the services that I provide or have any suggestion for improvement please write to me as well.

You can contact me via:

Facebook: Aah Michael (add me as friend)

For Business Opportunity

If you have any business opportunities that will be beneficial to us in a win-win situation and think that we could be partners to enlarge our business, please feel free to contact me at the following email:

Share your ideas, no matter how trivial, we may be in for a surprise for a wonder partnership opportunity.

For General Enquiry/Info

Occasionally, I received email asking me about things about Singapore such as specific places,  a specific event or recommendations for places of visit for families visiting Singapore.   I would try to answer most questions with my best knowledge as far as possible and as timeliness as possible.    Please forgive me if there is a delay to your enquiries. 

Any kinds of comments, questions or information that you would like to share, please contact the following:


All emails are welcome!

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9 Replies to “Contact Me”

  1. in the website there is suppose to be a pet escalator..i tried to find where is it located but i cant seem to find it..a lady security assist me..she tell me there is no pet escalator except for pet lift..i insist of finding the pet escalator but we end up at the library where by dogs or pets are not suppose to be there..please do clarify..she was kind enough to accompany me and bring me to the pet corner where there is a pet my surprise there is a sign saying "no dogs beyond these point"..which means no dogs allowed beyond the king and king may i know where the pet escalator is located..thank you.

  2. According to the NEX official website, it said: "Pet owners can access K9 Park via designated lifts and escalator on the exterior. Dogs are not allowed in other areas of the mall."

    I've never seen the exterior escalator yet. The interior escalator from level 4 will lead you directly to the library and not to K9 park.

    For me, I only get to the K9 park via the designated lifts to 4R or to level 4 via the Pet Safari.

    See my post:

    and please comment there as there is more relevant to this topic. Please let us know if you find out later where exactly is the escalator 🙂

  3. Hi

    Would like to check if your have the contact for the bamboo furniture at Poh Ern Shih? the one that looks like platform, think it's storage too

    Thanks alot

  4. @ Anonymous,thanks for the great suggestion! I have the same idea as well to include a page for MRT stations with related attractions. Will include the new circle line as well. Sure will update the old pages to include MRT stations whenever possible. Is it possible to include your name the next time, it will be easier to relate to. Thanks and have a nice day!

  5. You can consider to add in Reflection @ Bukit Chandu as well.
    My kid 8 years old certainly enjoy the 1 hour trip understanding our people pitted the invading Japanese Army against a brave but heavily outnumbered troop of the 1st Malay Brigade of the Malay Regiment.
    Second level has a theater as well, very entertaining…

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