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Labrador Park – Part 1


There is no better time to introduce to you this nice park than now as  it is more convenience to get there than ever.  With the new opening of the circle line MRT station named after this park, there should be more reasons to visit it.  2011-09-28-663

Labrador Nature Reserve (拉柏多自然保护区), is more affectionately known as the Labrador Park (拉柏多公园) locally. Labrador Park is a beautiful Nature Reserve which deserves more attention. The first time that I visited this park was around 20 years ago and many things have changed since that time to make this Park a more friendly and nicer place to visit. However, it still retains the old historical charm and a sense of mystery (like the Secret Tunnels hidden somewhere).

Labrador Park is unique in Singapore as it is the only rocky sea-cliff on the mainland that is accessible to the public.   It always make me wonder why this piece of gem has not become a popular place of interests despite its uniqueness and its rich natural wonders.   For this reason, I would like to promote this Park to all my readers and hope that you could (re-)discover the beauty and bring your family to enjoy this piece of Singapore treasure and Singapore Past.


I could not think of another Park that is opened to the public which has both the sea and the hill co-located side by side.  Can you?  Generally in Singapore, you could find parks which are close to the sea or close to the hill/mountain, but not both!   So this Park is really unique!  As the park is quite big, I would introduce the park to you in 2 parts.  The first part will be covering the areas closes to the sea and the second part will cover the areas in the hill.


The park offers a picturesque view of the sea.  I love coming here to catch the smell of the sea and hearing the rush of the sea waves against the rocks.   You could easily relax yourselves with the sound of the sea and the serenity of the surroundings that the Park offers.


Whenever, I visit to the Park, it is always peaceful and exceptionally quiet, except for the occasional weekends.  Maybe it is because of the lack of promotion for this Park or could be the inconvenience of accessing this Park without a vehicle, that it is not that crowded.   Of course, being less crowded has its advantage of being more a escape from the crowd place and a place where you could getting closer to the inner self easily.


In the morning, this Park is frequent by some people who come here to do their morning exercises such as jogging, tai-chi, qi-gong and walking.   The air is fresh and the Park is sheltered from the direct sun heat by the many large trees planted along the paths.


Or you may choose to come here just to read your daily newspaper, meditate or have a short nap pampered by the cooling sea breeze. Sleepy


2011-09-28-667One interesting structure in the Park is the wooden poles that is elected near the playground.  It is actually a maze and children would love to have a try to find their way out of this maze.   On top of that, it is also  a good spot to take people photos with interesting composition.   Try it, the next time you are there.  Walk the maze and take photos with people in between the poles.





For the children, the main attraction must be the playground.   The playground is built on top of a big sandpit and children could go down the various slides and build their sandcastle there as well.


For me, this jetty is my favorite or used to be (as it is now closed).  2011-09-28-645The jetty was originally used to transfer shipment of liquid petroleum to and from a petroleum refinery near Tanjong Berlayer from 1962 to 1997.   The National Park Board refurbished the Jetty and opened it to public in Dec 1999.   Whenever I visit this park, I would try to walk to the end of the park, enter the gate that lead to the rocky shore and get on to the Jetty.   It offers an excellent vantage point to view the sea and the coastlines.  It used to be a favorite spot for fishing too.   When you are at the end of the Jetty, you could easily spot lots of  fishes swimming under the Jetty.   It was still open to public beginning of this year but now, there is a notice that says “For public safety, we have closed the Rocky Shore and Jetty.”   What a pity!  I hope it is not forever.


At least, my next most favorite spot, Red Beacon or the mini-lighthouse, is still there!  You 2011-09-28-747could not get into the Red Beacon’s interior as it is fenced up. However, this is the most popular spot to take photos.   I could usually find some tourists and visitors have their photos taken using this as a backdrop.   From here, you could view clearly the Singapore popular playground – Sentosa!    You could see clearly Fort Siloso at Sentosa just directly across the sea.






Sitting quietly opposite the Red Beacon is a war relic which is of the remnants of World War II.  This used to be one of the coastal machine gun bunker to fortify the defense against enemy landing from the sea.   It was built to guard 12-pounder guns on the hill right above. Now the entrance to the bunker was sealed but you could imagine how hot and cramped it used to be in there. 2011-09-28-786 Further left to the machine gun bunker is another historical landmark.  It was known for centuries by local Malays as “Batu Belayar” (Sailing Rock).  In Chinese it is known as “Long Ya Men” (龙牙门 – Dragon’s Teeth Gate) because of the shape of the shape of the rock resemble the teeth of a dragon.    It was a famous hideout for pirate back then and used as a navigational landmark and guides for vessels and sailors passing through the narrow channel.  

If you look to the left from the historical  Rock, you could see the modern skyline of Singapore and the going to completed up-classed residence – Reflections at Keppel Bay.


Moving forward, you will see a multi-purpose hall or Event Area for organizing event and which also houses the Park’s toilet. 2011-09-28-825 Along the coastline, you could occasionally find some people trying their luck to catch fishes.






The coastline is quiet and beautiful.   It will be wonderful stroll for family enjoying a morning or evening walk along this nice promenade with the sea breeze blowing. 2011-09-28-844 Opposite the Multi-Purpose Hall is the Labrador Seafood Restaurant.  Any one try this before?    

To my surprise, there is a “Resort” or hotel just across the Labrador Seafood Restaurant.   It looks to me more like a make-shift kind of accommodation.  Previously, here is a army camp and has been converted into hotel rooms.   I saw many tourist buses and many tourists from China.  Even most of the staffs are from China, I guess they are focusing on China’s tourists.   It is called the “City Beach Resort”.  The amenities should be quite basic but since it is close to the park and the beach, might be a good resort for some.


To the far end of the Labrador Park is another Jetty.  However, it is currently being renovated and extended.   I assume this will connect to the other side of Keppel Bay and form a long walkway along the coast in the future. In this 1st part of the article, I cover the coastal area and will cover the Cliff’s/Hill’s area in part of 2 of the article soon.   Hope I had done my job to promote and let you re-discover the Park.   Do bring your family to this Park when you are free!

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 Main Attractions in the Park

Children playground
War relics
Lookout Points
BBQ Pits

Exercise Areas Opening Hours 2011-09-28-893All days

Admission Fees





Labrador Villa Road 119187

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Toilet 2011-09-28-702Clean public toilets In the premises.

Getting There

By Car or Taxi


Driving along the Pasir Panjang Road or Telok Blangah Road, stop at the cross road in front of the PSA Building, turn into Labrador Villa Road (you will see a furniture shop on your left)  and drive to the car park in front of the sea.   At the starting of the Labrador Villa Road, it used to be a hawker center and has many nice Malay stalls.  Now the hawker center is gone!

By Bus 2011-09-28-873In front of the PSA Building – SBS Bus No. 10, 30, 30e, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188.  Walk along the road leading to the Park for around 10mins. From Harbour Front Interchange, take Bus 408, take you right to the doorstep of the entrance of the Park.








Now there is a new station which is Labrador Park MRT Station (CC27) on the newly opened Circle Line.  Walk along the Labrador Villa Road for around 10mins to reach the Park.

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