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Maximise Singapore Public Holiday and Your Leave 2017

I know it may seems too early to plan your holidays and apply your leave.  However, if you already have some plans to take some time off from work, it never hurt to plan early.   Planning when to apply leave wisely is an exercise that will be worthwhile to do as early as possible.   By applying your leaves earlier, you will have a better chance to have your leave application approved before any of your other colleagues did.  Most likely they will be applying to go on leave on the same day in some popular leave period.  For those who are working in Singapore, knowing when the Singapore public holiday fall helps to plan your vacation and also maximize your leave. For those who are visiting Singapore, it is always good to know when will the whole nation be on vacation or when will there be any special events. You may want to coincide your visit with some festive celebrations and Singapore Public Holiday such as the Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Hari Raya to experience the local atmosphere. Or, you might want to have a quiet visit and avoid the crowds during these Singapore Public Holiday. Whatever the reasons, it is good to plan your visits by consulting the calendar first.

Singapore Public Holiday

Singapore Public Holiday 2017

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) just released on Tuesday (April 5 2016) that shows a number of Singapore public holiday falling either on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday .   There are many opportunities to maximise the leave and fun.  Here are the Singapore public holiday for 2017 and also the Singapore school holidays in Singapore.

Singapore Public Holiday


Recommendations When To Apply Leave

Singapore Playground takes away the headache from you by trying to figure out when is the best time to apply leave.  The objective is to apply as few leave as possible (leave are money) and to maximise the rest days as much as possible by taking advantages of the scheduled Singapore Public Holiday.  Here is the recommendation from Singapore Playground, for your consideration.

Just by just applying for a minimum of 5 days of leave, you could enjoy up to 27 days of rest, what a bargain!!!  When looking at how to maximise your leave, we try to look for opportunities to use the many scheduled Singapore Public Holiday which fall on either  Monday, Friday or Sunday.  It turns out that this year 2017, there are quite many Singapore Public Holiday falling on Monday (2 – Labour Day and Christmas Day), Friday (2 – Good Friday and Hari Raya Haji), and Sunday (3 – New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa) which you can cleverly use them to extend your holidays.   There will be seven long weekends next year.


Singapore Public Holiday


The above calendar from “Singapore Playground” list down one of the possible ways to extend your holiday with minimum application of leave.   The 2nd day of the Chinese New Year (初二)falls on Sunday this year which makes the following Monday a Singapore Public Holiday.  For many of us, I believe we will also apply for leaves before the Chinese New Year to prepare for the festive session.   For example by applying for 1 day on 27 Jan (Fri), you could enjoy a 4 days breaks!   Some of you will likely also apply for additional 1 day on 31 Jan.  This will give you ample time to enjoy the CNY as well as recover from the hectic period.

Apply 1 day leave on either 1 April (Monday) or 28 March (Thursday) and you’ll have a super long weekend of 4 days during Good Friday.   Same things happen if you apply just 1 day each on 17 April (Monday), 1 May (Monday),  23 June (Friday), 4 September (Monday) and 22 December (Friday) will allow you to enjoy a super long 4 days of rest by utilising the long weekends.

For those who need even longer rest days for longer holiday period such as those who wanted a oversea vacation could utilise the Singapore Public Holiday that falls on Wednesday.  Apply for 2 days on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday will give you an extended uninterrupted period of 5 days including the weekend!!!  To do that, apply leave 2 days on 8-9 May or 11-12 May, 7-8 August or 10-11 August and 16-17 October or 19-20 October 2017.

As you can see, there are many ways to extend your rest days from the original 13 days of Singapore public holiday by creatively maximizing the usage of your leave.   The recommendation above will help you to have a total of 27 days of rest days by just applying 5 days of leave. Now that many people have found out how, they’ll start applying leave around the same dates.  So, be quick, start applying for your leaves now Winking smile

Wishing you a wonderful time in 2017!


Source: MOM, tanakawho

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