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Mr. Prata

Roti Prata is the most popular Indian food in Singapore.   You could find many food stores selling Roti Prata in almost every corner of Singapore.    However, to find a good one is another story.


Last week, I finally have the chance to taste the “Mr. Prata” store near the Botanic Garden.   Whenever I drove pass it, I told myself that I will try it the next time but never have the chance until last week

P1010216The thing that attracted me is the inviting atmosphere and the large attractive banner and signboard “Mr. Prata – 24 hours” outside the shop.  So I had decided to give it a try since I was bringing my child to Jacob Bella Children Garden near Botanic Garden.   After parking my car somewhere further up the road as there is no other legal parking lot outside the store, we took a short walk (2mins) through a block of low buildings.  Mr. Prata is at the end of the block and the store is divided into the open seats and the in-store seats.   The open seats outside the store is very inviting as you sit under the cool shade of the trees and enjoy the occasional cool breeze of fresh air.   It is an enjoyment to start your day with a cup of delicious


The outdoor seating is cozy and provide a nice chillout place under the morning sun. P1010214 In case it rains or too hot or could not find a seat, there are more seats indoor and cooled with the turning fans on the ceiling.   The store is clean and the services is good if you set your standards to those of the local coffee stores.



Things To Try

If you are an Indian food lover, this place sells many kinds of Indian food with affordable prices.  They have all sorts of prata and the curry sauce is heavily seasoned with the Indian spices.   It carries more than 30 different kinds of Prata and 20 different kinds of Thosai and naans.   There are both meat and vegetarian curry dishes from all over India.   You can find some unique prata not found commonly in Singapore such as cheese mushroom prata, Butter Prata, French prata(prata spread with nutella, rainbow sprinkles and topped with ice cream)  and even the  Italian “prata pizza”.   I personally prefer Garlic Prata  and Roti Prata Kosong (without eggs).

Teh Tarik with prata goes so well together so try it. I have also tried the Nasi Briyani (Mutton) which has strong taste of Indian spices.   I do not think it is the best Brivani I have tried as I prefer milder taste of  Indian spices.  The Roti Prata is not the best as well as the Prata is not as crispy and the sauce is too much Indian spices for me.  My son tried the chopped beef Prata which is a dish with prata chopped into small pieces and mixed with beef.   I have tried it and it is unique and nice. Remember to wash it all up with a hot cup of Teh Tarik (tea cappuccino)  or Kopi (milk coffee).  Other dishes which are good and you could try are Paper Prata, Tissue Prata, Ice-Cream Prata, Mee Goreng and Indian Rojak.


Nearby Attractions

If you are eating in this restaurant, you can visit the nearby attractions and make it a half-day activities, either in the morning or in the evening:
  Botanic Garden

Jacob Bella Children Garden


Opening Hours

24 hours – anytime you feel hungry. 


P1010224 If you drive, you can find some car just park right in front of the shop houses which is illegal, take your own risk.  For a peace of mind,  drive down the road and you will see a hourly carpark a short distance to the right.   There is an arrow sign at the front door of the restaurant to give you direction of the car park.




26 Evans Road
#01-02   Contacts Tel: +65 6235 6993   Official Website

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