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A Peaceful Breakfast @ Mushroom Café In The Park



It it a perfect place to have a cup of coffee/tea and tuck into your favourite local breakfast at the heart of a tranquil park.  The Mushroom Café which is located inside the SengKang Riverside Park in the Multi-Purpose Hall has become popular among the morning joggers and the park visitors.   Either you are heading there for breakfast after your morning exercises or just to have your hearty breakfast without sweat, Mushroom Café in The Park is the perfect venue.




The SengKang Riverside Park had gain its popularity and the number of visitors have increased amazingly since I first wrote about this park back in 2010.  It was then a quiet park and a desolated landscape.  However, now it is thriving with visitors participating in various activities in the Park.  It may be due to more population settled around the park as well as the number of organized events and activities in the Park.

Check out what type of activities you could do at the SengKang Riverside Park.

Mushroom Resturarant 1


The Mushroom Café in The Park is airy and you could smell the morning freshness of air and grass while sipping your coffee/tea.   Almost half of the Multi-Purpose Hall is occupied by the Café and you should be able to find a seat except on the busy Saturday and Sunday Morning.




The food is typical of local dishes such as Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Curry Chicken, Chendol and Mushroom Chicken.  Prices ranges between $3.80 to $5.50.

I ordered the Mee Rebus and the gravy is thick and rich which is topped with Green Chilies.    It tasted better than what I had expected and I would recommend this dish to you if you visit the Café.


Mushroom Bread




The eggs and kaya bread toast set costs $3.80.   It is a well worth set of breakfast that comes with 2 boiled eggs, toasted bread and Coffee or Tea.   A traditional breakfast that tasted much better under such green and peaceful environment.









Mushroom Pancake


I ordered the Pancake for my son who initially wanted to go across the park to the McDonald at the SengKang Sport and Recreational Centre but he compromised with the availability of this pancake set.

Although I do enjoy the BIG breakfast at the McDonald, I would prefer to have my breakfast here.  At least,  it comes with real cutlery and plates Smile

Mushroom Menu

The menu could be found hanging on the wall behind the cashier.  Quite a variety for a simple café like this in the park.

Mushroom Resturarant 2


During the weekends, you will find that the Café is fully packed with park visitors and it is very hard to find a seat.  During weekends, you will also find parents who are sipping their coffee/tea while watching their children having classes at the end of the Multi-purpose Hall.


Other times, the Café is peaceful and quiet and will be a perfect place to have a relaxing snack and meal.  Imagine the fresh air, greenery and bird chirping sounds surrounding you while you are enjoying your meal?   Let me know how you like this place once you visited it.



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Clean public toilet right at the end of the Multi-purpose Hall



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