MacDonald in Beautiful Garden

MacDonald with A View


Scenery and General Description

This is one of my favourite spot for fastfood and  for my children too.  This Macdonald restaurant is set in a garden environment.  The building is mostly open-air with the main ordering counter in an air-conditioned enclosure.

Trees are abundance with beautiful bamboo trees dominating the surroundings of the restaurant.  They help to create a tropical relax atmosphere for the restaurant.  It is very relaxing to sit in the open-air area listening to the occasional chirping of birds, fluttering of the butterflies and also the splashing of water when the terrapins jumped into the water.


In front of the Macdonald, is a small pond with many terrapins and small koi fish. A zigzag bridge allows you to scroll across the pond and watch the fish and the terrapins.  However, no feedings is allowed.  My kids love to come here mainly because of this pond with the terrapins.


Things to Do

You can choose to sip your cup of coffee while watching the serenity of the surrounding and the pond.   While your child could walk along the bridge.  For the younger children, they will love to play in the playground.  There is also a “atap house”, a small hut for resting and enjoying the fresh air.



580 Queensway #01-580 Ridout Tea Garden, S(149066) Macdonald map
Opening Hour

Macdonald opening 24 hours

How to Get There

Take Bus to stop in front of the Ridout Garden.  You should clearly see the MacDonald Signs along the Queensway Road.

Bus number:  93, 105, 123, 153, 186


If you are driving from Farrer Road, go straight towards Queensway but keep left and else you will drive into the tunnel that leads across the Commonwealth Road.



Welcome to Singapore Playground!

Welcome to Singapore Playground!

This is my Blog on the various places you could visit in Singapore.  All these places are places where I have visited and have leave some comments throughout this blog to provide a better guide for you.    Either you are a visitor from other countries or living here in Singapore, this site will help you explore the different places suitable for yourself and your families.   Especially for families with little children, this Blog will definitely suit your need to hunt for the cool places that able to keep your child occupied for a long time.

Tiong Bahru Park and Playground

Tiong Bahru Park Playground


tilt train2

General Surroundings and Scenery

Tiong Bahru Park provides a good playground which meets most of the recreational needs your family members.  It  has 3.9-hectare and has a livelier atmosphere after its facelift.   You could see many children playing in the playground and people jogging in the parks during early morning and late evening.

Tilt Train

The iconic tilting train in the adventure playground will provide park is of better shade, more greenery and cool for visitors. They can also have their exercises and workouts and foot reflexology here.

The park is littered with mostly Palm trees which only adds a visual appeal and the older and more shady Rain trees still preserved within the park. There are also quite a handful of shelters distributed evenly around the park in the even of a downpour.


Tiong Bahru Park is a public park between Henderson, Bulit Merah and Lower Delta Road in Singapore. First developed around 1967, it combines with a nursery site in 1977 and in 2000, it was redeveloped to give it an image which suited the theme of ‘Old frame, New images.’

Tiong Bahru Park had been around for a long time even with it’s previous face-lift and the introduction of Gan Eng Seng Secondary next door, taking a large chunk of it’s old land area and introducing a dedicated soccer field. The place started off as left over land from a sewage plant only to converted into a dedicated park a long time back.

Things to Do



Besides catering to families and children with a large playing field and commendably well built playground, the elderly also have their own fair share of facilities such as ample sitting benches and foot massage stone walkers, not to mention wheelchair accessible toilets as well.

Facilities Available

Drinking fountain, Pond Pavilion, Foot reflexology footpath, Fitness corner/ stations & Fitness equipments/ exercise station

Getting There

Take a 5 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT Station (EW17).  Alternatively, you can take bus Services no. 33, 32, 608, 16, 63, 64 (Bus stop at Tiong Bahru Road), and bus Services no. 14, 32, 64, 65, 608, 855 (at Lower Delta Road).


Bounded by Henderson Rd, Tiong Bahru Road and Lower Delta Road