Pancake King 5/5 (4)

Pancake King  麵煎大王

Pancake King


Judging just by these 3 things, the food for this store must be good:


1. The name of the store contain the powerful word of “KING”.  It dares to name itself “Pancake King”!

2. All the testimonials and endorsements hanging around the store.

3. The long queue and constant flow of crowd for this store.




Squeezed in between a row of food stores at the Serrangoon Garden Market,  the “Pancake King” sells a wide assortment of pastries, pies and cakes.    Although this store is famous for the traditional Chinese pancake (ming Chiang Kueh),  I am going to introduce you other irresistible delicacies this store sells.




Trays of different cakes, Kueh and pastries are neatly stacked and the price tags are clearly displayed.




Butter Cake which sells at only $1.60 is large and buttery in taste.




My favourite and its best seller is the Egg tart which sells at $1.50 each.




All the products are using fresh & natural ingredients.   Best of all, they are fresh from the oven and HOT!




Apple pie sells for $2.40 each.


20150613_143153Their rich Chocolate Delight Cake is a must try for anyone who love chocolate!   The servicing is huge slice and full of chocolate, very rich and moist.  Each Slice costs $3.20.






The brownie is another of my favourite.




The brownie sells at $2.60 each and so rich in chocolate taste and mixed with Walnut!  Just simply mouth-watering!




Make sure you heat it up before serving and eating.  They are irresistible!




Even the local kueh, Yam or Carrot Kueh, is yummy.  Each sells at $1.20.




The Banana cake is another local delicacy which comes with rich banana taste and fragrant!




As I said, the Egg Tart is my personal favourite.   Just look at the texture of the egg paste!  It is nicely baked with crispy crush.   What delighted me most is the thickness and fullness of the Tart.  It is the thickest egg tart I ever seen on the market and so full of eggs!




I must say this store really sell superb quality products and the price is very reasonable!




All the products are made on-The-Spot which ensure freshness and the fresh from oven taste.






49A Serangoon Garden Way
Stall 25, Serangoon Garden Market
Singapore 555945


By Bus

Alight at the Serangoon Garden CIRCUS.

Bus Stop Number : 66271.

Bus services 73  136  315  317.





Tel: 9137 9722





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