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Punggol Reservoir and SengKang Floating Wetland

Do you know there is a new reservoir and wetland in the North-eastern part of Singapore?  Now, residents in the Punggol and Sengkang area can enjoy water sports in a scenic reservoir in the near future with the opening of the Sengkang Floating Wetland on 7th Nov 2010.


Punggol Reservoir is the 16th reservoir out of a total of currently 17 reservoirs in Singapore.   The name of Punggol Reservoir is a bit misleading as it is situated right at the SengKang estate, shouldn’t it be more aptly called the SengKang Reservoir? I don't know smile


Anyway, built on the Punggol reservoir is our Singapore’s largest man-made floating wetland.  It is roughly the size of half a football field.


The SengKang Floating Wetland links the Anchorvale Community Club to the Sengkang Riverside Park via a boardwalk and a bridge.


The wetland is home to about 18 plant species that have been chosen 08012011446for both their cleansing and aesthetic properties. Besides beautifying the reservoir, the plants will help keep the water clean.   These plants take in nutrients and pollutants through their roots, cleansing the water naturally.






The wetland also provides a habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife. Since the wetland was completed, more birds and dragonflies have been spotted at the reservoir.   For nature lovers, this is another venue to get closer to nature. Turtle


Sengkang Floating Wetland is designed with a “fruit” theme with mangosteen pavilion and orange seats.   It could be a fun to sit on oranges and hide inside the mangosteen for children.


Schools in the area, such as Fernvale Primary School and Anchor Green Primary School, have adopted the wetland and will help to keep it clean.


The Anchorvale CC management committee is working closely with the People’s Association Water-Venture to set up a water sports activities centre at the reservoir.  Some of the water activities will include canoeing and dragon boating.  However, no fishing is allowed in this reservoir. 08012011424The Sengkang Floating Wetlands is easily accessible on a broadwalk that links the Anchorvale Community Club to the Sengkang Riverside Park. For many visitors they will be amazed by the fact that Sengkang has this kind of beautiful natural scenery.  Whenever I visit it, it is always fill with people coming here to jog, cycle, exercising or having a family outing.   Now we have another community area which is clean, pleasant and bustling with life and activity.   From here, I usually will visit the SengKang Riverside Park or the SengKang Swimming Pool at the same time.


Nearby Attractions

You might also want to visit As the following places of interest are nearby, you may want to combined your trip with any of the followings:

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Sengkang Recreation Club/Anchorvale Community Club

Flying Kites

Roti Prata at Jalan Jayu

 SengKang Riverside Park

Punggol Park


Opening Hours

24 hours but park lightning 7am to 7pm.




Anchorvale Street abutting Sungei Punggol



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Getting There


From the at Sengkang MRT(NE16) station take the LRT Route West to Farmway station walk for 5 to 10 minutes towards Anchorvale CC.

By Bus Bus Services: take bus number 323 from SengKang Bus Terminal.  Alight when you see the Anchorvale CC.

By Car 24042010286There are parking lots along the road on the SengKang riverside, limited parking lots at the Anchorvale CC and also a parking area within the SengKang Riverside Park.





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  1. Denesa@parentimes

    Next To Achorvale CC only? Ok. I will check it out 🙂

  2. <p>Yes, behind the Anchorvale CC along the river, you will find the bridge.   Hope you and family will enjoy it. 

  3. it looks so quiet and peaceful…. 😎 😎

  4. It is more peaceful during the weekdays.  :* :* :*

  5. Seem like a good place for evening walk.

  6. Does anybody know if we can do bicycling in/around his reservoir?

  7. How exciting it would be to watch the water sports events from those grounds. Bringing the family for a picnic here will also be great.

  8. I love the location. Would you know if there are any water activities in the area? I wanna try kayaking or maybe white water rafting. Thanks!

    white water rafting tennessee

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