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SengKang Riverside Park – A BIG Hit Soon


I have visited SengKang Riverside Park twice continuously in last both weekends with my family and it quickly become my family’s favorite list of places to visit.   The SengKang Riverside Park is relatively new but has many integrated concept that other older parks lack of.    It was these “ingredients” in this park that I bet will make it a hit for the outdoor fun seekers and attracted happy returns for many including me.


Sengkang Riverside Park is made up of 3 land parcels situated alongside Sungei Punggol River.  These three areas are divided as the Visitor Centre, Civic Event Lawn and one that Durians and Chiku plants could be found.   The different land parcel is designed to provide different experience to visitors by locating different spaces and activities according to the existing terrain.  The integration with the River (which is not fully developed yet) means that it has the potential to be the next great venue for water sports activities and water performances in the near future.


My family loved the Visitor Centre Plot the most and I guess this will be where it will attract most visitors as well.   This brand-new Visitor Centre has a distinctive curved roof that turns heads of drivers passing by and under the roof held a huge hall.   In the early morning, you can see many groups of people using this hall for group activities such as aerobics, yoga, Tai-Chi and other exercises.


If you are running out of time, here is the best place to get started as here is the most scenic part of the part.   There are many activities that you could do from here such as cycling, , various workouts, flying kites, picnics, photography or just enjoying a quiet scrolls in the park.  As the parks had many great long downhill slope, this is an ideal place for rollerblading, skateboarding and waveboarding as my kids quickly found out.


For my kids, they love the ponds the most.   The reason being that there are so many fishes and turtles that are waiting to be fed.   For others, this will be an ideal place to take many beautiful photos to bring back the nice memory.  My kids loved to feed fish and turtles and we used to drive to Botanical Garden to enjoy this activity but now we found a place which is more peaceful with lesser people and much easier to find a parking lot.    You could see people coming prepared with lots of bread and fish food to just enjoy feeding the hungry fishes and turtle in the ponds.

A word of warning:  No Fishing allowed!   As there are a few separate ponds in the park, there are plenty of spaces to share this activity.    You will find little cute sparrows hopping around catching the crumbs that are left on the ground.  My kids enjoy and love feeding them too!


Although the Park is located in a busy town, it is far enough away from the noise and busy life.  The park effuses a sense of rejuvenation with its endless green lawns.  In the morning and evening, cool breezes will rush to greet you as you take the daily walk or jog and provide a great place to recharge yourselves.  There are edible fruit trees planted at the Mango Hilltop, Citrus Grove and Pineapple Valley which could serve as an educational tour for many. Connected by a underground pass under the bridges the Durian zone and the Chiku Grove can be accessible from the Visitor Center.  Under the bridge is another kind of scenery that is not common in city life.  The river separated the park from the Sengkang Community Center and provide the future venue for water sports.


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When you cross over the underpass, there is another part of the park that is planted with Chiku, durians and Longan.   On top of the hill is a shed that overlook the park.

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The other land parcel is the Civic Event Lawn is a ideal location for large scale school/corporate events ranging from marathons to family days and carnivals. Some parts of the Park is still developing and given enough time, this will become a popular park for many families.  As this is a new park, trees are too small to provide much shade and you may find it unpleasant to visit during noon.  Until then, be among the first few (now you get to know this place) to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the park before it get too crowded.

Nearby Attractions


You might also want to visit As the following places of interest are nearby, you may want to combined your trip with any of the followings:

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Flying Kites

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Facilities Available in the Park

   Jogging/Cycling Tracks

  Activity plaza

  Drinks Vending Machine
Opening Hours 24 hours but park lightning 7am to 7pm.





Anchorvale Street abutting Sungei Punggol




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Clean and available at the Visitor Center.   01052010300

Getting There


From the at Sengkang MRT(NE16) station take the LRT Route West to Farmway station walk for 5 to 10 minutes towards Sungei Punggol.

By Bus

Bus Services: take bus number 323 from SengKang Bus Terminal.


By Car

There are parking lots along road and also a parking area within the Park.   Currently the parking is free within the park.




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