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SengKang Swimming Complex – Cheap Good and Fun (where to find?)

sengkang swimming complex

General Description

I think this must be one of the most well-kept secret for family fun in Singapore.   A Wild-Wild Wet similar kind of water fun yet public swimming pool price!

Not many people actually know this place because it is so new (renovation is still ongoing outside the complex) and because it is “hidden” in a town where not many people will expect to find such treasure there.  Unless you are living nearby or being told by friends, most likely many will not know this place.  Ok… now you know, since I told you.

sengkang swimming complex

The Sengkang Swimming Complex is priced at normal public swimming pool admissions and like most normal swimming complex has its regular Olympic swimming lap pools (2 of them).   On top of that, it has many additions  that normal swimming complex do not have such as the winding tube slides, the roller coaster slides and water playground for toddlers and preschoolers (even adults love the water massages provided here).


The main attraction of the Sengkang Swimming Complex is unarguably the colorful slides. There are a total of 8 slides. On the right hand side, there are 2 slides for younger child with height under 1.2m.  In the center, there are 4 slides similar to those in Big Splash and you require to have a minimum height of 1.2m to play.  On the left hand side, there are 2 longer and higher tube slides for the brave ones.  These tubes are dark and long and could be scary for younger kids.  It is very exciting even for adults and require to have minimum of 1.2m.   My kids love this slides so much that every time they come, they will play till their hearts’ content. The good news is that the queue is usually short and the waiting time is usually less than 1 min during the weekdays.


They even have a big Jacuzzi pool where 10 adults or more can dip in the pool.  The Jacuzzi got 3 outlets per person: one for the lower back and 2 for each calf of the leg. Now you can  enjoy a relaxing massage under the sun or moon.

sengkang swimming complex

Suggested Tour

Time spent: 2 hour or more


Day to visit: Avoid School Holidays and Public Holidays as these days tend to be packed with school children and visitors.  Even when this is a less known attraction.


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 sengkang swimming complex

Opening Hours

 7am to 9pm – Tuesday to Sunday

Closed on Monday except Public Holidays.

Admission Fee


Child: SGD$0.80

Adult: SGD$1.50

Senior Citizen: SGD$0.80

Weekend and Public Holiday

Child: SGD$1.00

Adult: SGD$2.00

Senior Citizen: SGD$1.00

sengkang swimming complex


As the Swimming Pool is housed in the SengKang Sport Complex, there are many other sports facilities available such as the Gym.  Check with the counter.

There is also the Anchorvale Community Centre with regular community activities.

A 24-hours Drive-through McDonald, other restaurants are also available to cure your hunger after the swim.



57 Anchorvale Road

Singapore 544964

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Getting There


From the at Sengkang MRT(NE16) station take the LRT Route West to Farmway station.

By Bus

Bus Services: take bus number 323  372 from SengKang Bus Terminal and alight at the 3rd bus stop in front of Blk 317B or on 4th stop in front of Blk 313.

See the Bus Timetable of 372 and route.

By Car

There are limited parking lots beside the Sengkang swimming complex and it is always full.   If you parked at the parking lots around the Swimming Complex remember to have a valid coupon as they are frequently checked.

I would suggest you to park at the nearest HDB flat carpark such as this one at Blk 313 if the carpark around the swimming pool is full.  Alternatively, parked at the FREE carpark at the Sengkang RiverSide Park.

sengkang swimming complex


In the premises including bathroom.

Lockers available (Coin operated- $1 [2 x 50cents coins])

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  11. wat is the number??

  12. whow look at thoes slides will i be able to go on any of thos slides if i was 8yers old

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  16. There is mistake on the "Admission Fee"..

    Adult: SGD$1.50
    Child: SGD$0.80
    Senior Citizen: SGD$0.80

    Weekend and Public Holiday
    Adult: SGD$2.00
    Child: SGD$1.00
    Senior Citizen: SGD$1.00

  17. Sorry I did not visit this page for a while, just notice that there are so many interest in this article, I will try to answer everyone soon. :-[

  18. Thanks CS, I will correct the rates very soon, once I have the time 😉

  19. Unless you are a child, you may else the life-guards will stop you.

  20. Unless you are a child, you may else the life-guards will stop you.

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  30. ur child and adult pricing is wrong.
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  31. ur child and adult pricing is wrong.
    child is more expensive than adult?

  32. Singapore Michael

    Thanks for pointing that out!  I have corrected them 😉

  33. Hi, Can we bring food inside?

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    Yes you can as I see some family bring their own pinic basket there. 😀

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    Jessica, have fun!   Hope you enjoy it  😎

  38. I saw some people wearing the t-shirt in your pics .. do you think they allow ladies to wear t-shirt rather than swimming costume?

  39. does the place sell swimming gear?

  40. Yes, they do sell some basic items such goggles, swimming caps and also swimming trunks but I guess for kids only.

  41. Strictly speaking, no TShirt is allowed unless it is swimming quality. 

  42. theres no bus 323 service in iris

  43. oh btw how much are the lockers there?

  44. Thanks for asking but I am not if this has been changed.  It is $1 (2x50c) coins.

  45. Are you sure the time and the opening are correct?Because when we went to the other blogs told us it was open on thursday so we went but it was close it was this week.So are you sure that it is open on saturday(tomorrow)

  46. Yes, the opening days should be correct.

  47. Is the admission fees correct
    and do they sell swimming costumes?

  48. Yes, they do sell swimming costumes and trunks and also goggles too. However, just limited choices.

  49. Wow, this is an amazing place for the family. The little ones love to go swimming and this place is perfect. Both the young ones and the once young will surely enjoy those huge, colorful slides. Thanks for sharing:).

  50. what is the height of the normal pool?

  51. What is the swimming quality shirts? Can we wear normal pants?

  52. For those who are interested, I ordered swim shirts from coolibar and wear them to public pool. I am,uncomfortable with baring too much skin when I swim. And these swim shirts serve me fine.

  53. Hi… is it possible for gals to wear tang tops, tube or any seleeveless top wit shorts??? n for guys r the allowed to wear shorts???

  54. Thanks. Info I was looking for are all there.

  55. Hi guys,

    The opening hours is from 8am-9pm and the rate is
    Senior Citizen:$0.80

    Senior Citizen:$1.00

    And u can only wear swim wear which is the dry-fit material only that is allowed no cotton materials and no tang tops,sleeveless top or normal shorts allowed.Minimum height limit to play the multi-color and twister slides is 1.2m.

  56. Lastly i forget to inform you guys that its closed on every Monday to change the pool water.
    I belief I've answer the questions.Thanks.

  57. Loved this post even though its like 2012 now. Thanks! Btw do you know if monofins are allowed in the pools?

  58. Lockers are 2x20c

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