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Top 12 Free Places to See Singapore Fireworks 2015 – SG50 Celebration


As Singapore marks 50 years of independence this year, the fireworks on display will be the most majestic and spectacular.  The theme for this year’s NDP2015 is “Majulah Singapura” and the NDP will return to a historic venue, the Padang, to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. To allow for more Singaporeans to be part of the Parade at the Padang, celebrations will be extended to various sites around the Marina Bay area, where “live” streaming of the Parade will be broadcast on LED screens.

The fireworks display could be viewed from various locations spreading a large area around Marina Bay area.  Complimenting the pyrotechnics at the Padang and roof-top of 7 surrounding commercial buildings there will be level high fireworks from the main barge at the Marina Basin.  From the main barge at the Marina Basin the fireworks display cover a second barge located in Marina Bay between Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer.



Singapore National Day Firework Display

When: 9th August 2015 Time: Expected to start at around 7:45

7:30 – 7:40 – Mini Fireworks

7:50 – 8:00 – Mini Fireworks

8:15 – Fireworks Finale


Tips: During the Jubilee Weekend (7 and 8 Aug 15), there will also be firework displays at the end of each day at the Marina Bay area.  There will be also fireworks display during the rehearsal on 1 August.


Here are the top 12 places to watch Singapore Fireworks 2015 for FREE:

  • Garden By the Bay East
    Garden By the Bay East -It has fast becoming another excellent spot to watch the firework free and unblocked! This is a great place to avoid the huge crowd as the bay area is large enough to hold thousands of people. For photographers, this will be among their favourite spot as the reflections of Marina Sands and the Flyer off Marina waters with unblocked views should be an excellent place to capture stunning photographs. An excellent place to pack your picnic basket to enjoy the firework shows with your family.
  • One Fullerton
    One Fullerton -The stretch of boardwalk with the restaurants facing the Marina Bay Sands is a hot favourite for professional photographers. However, will be hard to get a space to stand and even harder to find a place to sit. If you are prepared to face the crowd, this is one of the best location.
  • Merlion park
    Merlion park -The top location to see the firework live. You will be able to watch the show directly in front of you without watching it from an angle. One of the top location for professional photographers to catch the perfect firework photo as well. Be prepared to rub shoulders with the rest of the spectators. It will be hard to find a place to stand so be there early!
  • Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
    Esplanade Outdoor Theatre -A great place to have a comfortable seat and under the shelter protecting you from sun or rain. A good view to the surrounding Marina Basin while waiting for the firework. You could be entertained by other activities while waiting for the fireworks.
  • Helix Bridge
    Helix Bridge -Usually, the Esplanade Bridge is crowded during any firework display at the Marina Bay. It is an alternative place to the Merlion Park where you could get the fireworks real close. You could include the Merlion as background for your fireworks photos from the bridge which is quite nice. It can be quite crowded as well. Be warn of the loud cracking sound from the firework.
  • Jubilee Bridge
    Jubilee Bridge -Brainchild of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the Jubilee Bridge was built for a friendlier connection between the Merlion Park and waterfront promenade. It is again another good location to have the full view of the firework and close to where the action is.
  • Tanjong Rhu
    Tanjong Rhu -This location is a bit further from where the main action is. However if you are avoid crowded area this will be a good place to catch the firework while picnicking along the river.
  • Tanjong Rhu
    From the Singapore Indoor Stadium promenade you can get an excellent view of the Condos at Tanjong Rhu across the Kallang River with part of Singapore Cityscape on the background. This location is a bit further from where the main action is but is having lesser crowd and not that loud.
  • Marina Square
    Marina Square -The huge stairs leading to the Marina Square Mall facing the Marina Bay is always the favourite place since fireworks are shown just in front of the giant steps. The advantage of this location is that it is close to the Mall and Toilet. Its high elevated platform provide unblocked view of the firework from the Bay.
  • Marina Boulevard
    Marina Boulevard -Marina Boulevard is a tropical walk with flowering shrubs and shade trees. Here, you can pause at a Breeze Shelter from where you can appreciate the fireworks display from a cool and breezy rest point. At night, the promenade is lit with attractive night lighting and great place to enjoy the firework display with lesser crowd.
  • Marina Barrage
    Marina Barrage -Used to be a good unobstructed place to watch the firework but with Marina Sands completion, part of the views where blocked. If you do not mind, this will still be a good relaxing spot to watch the firework and the harbour views along the river is beautiful. The best thing is that you can bring your family there and have a family picnic there as well.
  • Esplanade Bridge
    Esplanade Bridge -Usually, the Esplanade Bridge is crowded during any firework display at the Marina Bay. It is an alternative place to the Merlion Park where you could get the fireworks real close. You could include the Merlion as background for your fireworks photos from the bridge which is quite nice. It can be quite crowded as well. Therefore, sometimes it is blocked during event to deter crowds from standing on the bridge.



Tips for Watching Fireworks

1. Turn up earlier to find yourself some good location to have a good view and for taking photos. Some enthusiast person may turn up early in the morning to “book” the ideal spots, so you will need to turn up early especially for those free and good spots.

2. Any places that have unblocked view of the waterfront location at Marina Bay will be a good spot to watch the fireworks for NDP. Of course, the higher you go, the lesser your view will be blocked. However, to fully soak in the atmosphere, you’ll need to go near and hear the blasting sounds of the firework!

3. Prepared for the event. Remember to arm yourself with cameras and take whatever you need for the occasion to be comfortable such as drinks, fan, picnic baskets, umbrella, snacks, portable seats, hats and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. As for all crowded places, be careful of your own belongings. For those paid venue, make your reservation early!

4. Take public transport. Most good spots for viewing will be packed with people and most road will be blocked for the NDP so it will be easier to take public transport then to stuck in traffic jams.

5. Camera. Bring your telescopic, wide angle professional DSLR camera and tripod with you to capture those stunning moments. Do bring extra batteries and memory cards along to ensure you don’t regret missing anything.


Share with us where is your favorite location to watch the firework in Singapore.






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  1. Just being informed that the Helix Bridge will be closed during the event and you are not allowed to gather there during the fireworks.

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