Singapore NDP 2016

A Preview of NDP 2016

NDP 2016

“Building our Singapore of Tomorrow” is the theme for this year National Day.  After our Nation’s 50th grand birthday, it is time to start to unite Singaporeans in the next chapter of nation-building.   NDP 2016 is different from the other NDP.

NDP 2016 ticketI am very fortunate to have 2 tickets during the NDP 2016 rehearsal on 9th July, a month before the actual NDP!  This year is the first time NDP is organised in the Sport Hub.  It is also the 2nd most invested (expensive) NDP event after the Golden Jubilee event last year.  It will be very different from the usual Marina Bay or the old Padang NDP as it will be housed indoor without a few familiar event such as the Parachute Jumping and the moving parade of the heavy armoured vehicles.  However, it introduced a few new ingredients that make this year’s NDP special such as the dazing 3D lazer pyrotechnics display and the first time indoor fireworks!



NDP 2016


As I only had 2 tickets, I could only bought my son along for this exciting event.  We were there before 430pm as we had to be seated by 5pm.   The Stadium was packed with people and organised grouped of visitors mostly from the primary school. We were hungry and we got ourselves a hotdog which come with a celebrative packaging of a a mini-flag on top.



NDP 2016 fun pack

Under every seat, there is a Fun Pack filled with cookies, drinks, coupons and other useful items such as the fold-able fan and the luminous wristband.   Each of us got a different colour of red and white.  To immerse in the fun, we took out the temporary tattoo stickers inside the fun-pack and tattooed onto our face with the Singapore Flag and the Merlion logo.  Slowly all the empty seats around us where filled with people.   We were very fortunate to seat right in the middle and facing the front of the whole parade.   As we were seating high-up, we got a bird eye view of the whole stadium.   Surprisingly, although it was open-aired, we did not feel too hot as there were occasional breeze blowing our way.


NDP 2016 singapore stone

Before the parade start, the “Badang” rocks where lifted up and organised properly to hang in the air.  This year, one of the highlight of the event is the retold of the Legend of “Badang and the Singpore Stone”.  Too many us, we may not be familiar with this legend of Singapore but to the younger generation this was being taught in the Secondary 1 History syllables.

NDP 2016

Before the performance, the 3D Tower was being tested out.

NDP 2016

There waas the normal favourites such as the Parade and Ceremonyand the Military Tattoo with a Precision Drill Display.

NDP 2016

NDP 2016

This year, what is different is the availability of Indoor Fireworks and 3D Projection Displays.  Lights and Lasers were shooting out from all directions.

NDP 2016 firework

NDP 2016 lazer lights

One of the highlight is the appearance of the magical Unicorn.   It appeared in the centre of the stage and it slowly floated up towards one of the upper corner of the stadium.

NDP 2016 unicorn

NDP 2016

The floating tower  and the landscape of Singapore is very impressive.  They hanged above the performers and they changed colors upon the reflection of the lights.

NDP 2016


NDP 2016

At the end of the whole show, we stood up to sing for our favourite National Day’s Song “Count on Me, Singapore”.  What make it unique this time is the introduction of the sign-language along with the song.   Now I know how to make the sign-language for Singapore!

Watch the grand finale with the stunning firework display in the indoor stadium for the first time, as the event returns to the National Stadium after a decade.Very unique and different from the other NDP.  This year’s NDP 2016 is definitely worth to watch and something to look forward to on the actual day.    Stand Up for Singapore!!!

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