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Singapore Quarry – A Hidden Treasure



Singapore Quarry is not a common and popular place of attraction for the locals as well as for tourist.   The stigma of a being a quarry does not really make people excited.   I had the same thinking and have not even thought of visiting it until last month.   After the visit, it had changed my view quite dramatically although I would still not regard it too much as an exciting place.  BUT to me, this place is a hidden treasure.   A treasure that I hope more people would come to know and that is why I am sharing this with you now.


It was on a cloudy morning that I trekked along the windy Dairy Farm route to this end destination.   It was drizzling and I was the only person in the entire quarry.   I guess it was the raining effect as well as being the only soul in this quiet place that made my memory of this place so special.   It was in total serenity and the only sounds are the music composed by crickets and other insects, chirping of birds,  as well as the tapping of the rain.


P1030853It was a special moment for me as I have not been to any other places in Singapore that allows me to soak in immensely the peace and beauty of the nature silently – just by myself, alone, calm and out of this world.The Quarry is located quite deep in from the main road which means it is further away from civilization and noise and getting closer to mother nature.  I have spotted two families of monkey crossing the path,jumping from branch to branch and the various kinds of birds. The path leading to the Quarry does not give clue of the beauty of that you will see at the end of the path.



Maybe I was just having a very low expectation of the place, ,it wow me when I first saw the beautiful platform which protrude out into the open lake and meet my eyes with the magnificent quarry and breathtaking scenery.   It could also be the effect of the huge contrast of the sand path that lead to here.   You could see from the first photo that the water is so still that the whole quarry is reflected and mirrored on the water which forms an interesting subject for photography.

P1030887 P1030953

History of the Singapore Quarry 

Singapore Quarry is one of two quarries in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve that was once an active quarrying site.  The Commission of Enquiry into Granite Resources and Nature Reserves recommended the closure of the Quarry in 1960 due to concerns of the danger of falling rocks.    However, it continues operation until late 1980s and had been abandoned until recently redeveloped into a tourist site.

P1020778 P1020762

Good Escape From City Life  If you love to embrace nature and escape the madness of city life (at least temporary), Singapore Quarry is the place to visit alone.   I came back to Singapore Quarry again last weekend.  This time, with my family.   It was an educational tour as well as an opportunity to enjoy solitude and to be close to nature.   It is really a hidden treasure for those who looking are for tranquil places in Singapore.

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  Dairy Farm Park
  Bukit Timah Reserve and Bukit Timah Hill
  The Rail Mall

Facilities Available in the Park

   Shelter and observation post

 Opening Hours

24 hours but park lightning 7am to 7pm.


Admission Fees



Located off Dairy Farm Road in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Near to Jalan Asas.   Map


NONE!!!    The nearest at The Rail Mall.

Getting There 

There are 2 ways to get to the Singapore Quarry.   One is from the Diary Farm Park and it takes around 30mins walk as now there is some detour along the route. It is not the easiest route for family as it entails going up and down stairs and a long walk for children. I am showing you an easier and much faster way to get there via Jalan Asas from the Rail Mall.   By Bus Bus Services: take bus number 67, 75, 170, 171, 178, 184, 961, 961C and alight at The Rail Mall and continue the rest by walking (see by walking).   By Car Drive along Bukit Timah to reach The Rail Mail. There are parking lots at the private carpark meant for the mall-patrons and also along the Jalan Asas.   Continue the rest by walking (see by walking).

By Walking


Once you are at the Rail Mall, head towards the Jalan Asas which is on the right turn after the carpark.  (See the MAP above, indicated by “A”)When you come to the end of the road, you will see these houses and a house-temple at the end.  There should be signboard that leads you to the Singapore Quarry.  P1020785 From here it is about 10mins walk to the Singapore Quarry.  At the end of the path, you will see the signboard on the left, which means you reach your destination.

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  1. Hi there
    I thought I would share a few memories of Singapore Quarry in 1960. My father was in the UK forces and we lived in Fuyong Estate just a short way from the quarry which I used to explore. Often I rode on rail trucks pushed by the friendly quarry workers. They would tip the load of rocks into a chute which led down into a ‘crusher’ of some sort. Of course they lifted me off first. There is a scree slope which is still there today on the left now hidden by vegetation which I used to climb up to the nature reserve above. Also several other scree slopes one of which led to an untouched small ledge/plateau with a shear drop to one side and steps cut into the exposed face of yellow/orange clay/soil. Apparently the quarry workers used this as a short cut but it was steep and dangerous. My brothers recounted a tale of how they climbed up and got stuck as heavy rain nearly wash the steps away.

    I too found the place to be peaceful and tranquil and still do after returning from the UK some 50 years later. I am intending to compile a sort of written history with some 1960’s photographs of the area. I only wish I had taken up photography sooner and could share my memories in pictorial form.

    I will forever be grateful and humbled by Singapore and its people.

    Keith Smith

    1. Keith,

      Very interesting personal account of how it is like in the1960s. It must be a memorable place with lots of it linking to your childhood.

      You have explored the Quarry more than any of us and have known those secret paths that must have well be forgotten by many of the Singaporean.

      I am very keen to read your compilation of the tales of such places and memory of Singapore.

      Thanks Keith for sharing such wonderful memory of yours! Take care!


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