Soccer for Special Needs Kids

Soccer Pro Academy

Any kind of sports will be good for any kids.  However, for special needs children, patience and careful instructions will be helpful to allow them to learn and follow what the instructor is teaching.   This soccer coaching is cater for such needs, if you are interested, please call the coach directly @ 9247-1465.



SPSA Training Methodology tackles individual real player development issues and provides relevant coaching programs to aid all outcomes.

Soccer Pro Academy caters to individuals of all playing levels, from the beginner who wants to learn how to kick a ball, to the nurturing of talents for a potential career in professional soccer.

We ensure that all individuals will develop a love and passion for the game, the best attitude, and are ingrained with SPSA’s soccer philosophies.

Soccer Pro Academy is the only academy that integrates mainstream youths and youths with special needs together to make soccer a wonderful sport.



  • CCA points will be given to the youths that attend the sessions
  • Exposed in every field of play
  • Actively involved in the Global Soccer Scene
  • Academically-focused
  • Holiday Camps that will nurture the best in every child
  • A comprehensive sporting programme which provides systematic and explicit





Please share your feedback with the rest of us if your child happen to join the sessions.



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