June School Holidays 2010 – Family and Kids Programmes


June School Holiday 2010 – Courses, Workshops, Activities, Skills, Fun


It is time for another long school holiday break in Singapore and many parents will start cracking their heads on how and what to keep their children occupied.  Instead of letting them playing computer, iPhone,  DS, Gameboy, PSP, Wii or watching TV whole day long,  I have compiled a list of activities and programmes that may give you some ideas and giving you a little help on how to occupy your child’s time more meaningfully.

Sometimes, I wish that I am kids again….. zz 1



What To Do?

Many of these programmes are educational and your child will learn something new such as new experiences, new skills, making new friends and most importantly occupying their time wisely and having fun!


I am dividing the activities into different categories and will update them frequently:

1  Camps For Family and Kids
1  Sports and Dance
1  Learning New Things
1  Cooking and Baking
1  Outdoors Fun
1  Arts and Crafts
1  Life Skills And Manners
1  Academics
1  Free Shows and Performances


If you know or organizing any fun activities that you want to share, please post your comment.

Be sure to bookmark this page and come back for more updates.


Disclaimer:  I do not benefit from any of the recommended activities and do not endorse any of program.   The listing is purely a service and references for parents.

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