Kampung Fishing (Mainland Tropical Fish Farm)

General Description

My kids were asking me to bring them for fishing this holiday.  I know my younger kid will not have the patience to wait for hours in order to hook up a tiny fish so I have to look for some alternatives.   I therefore suggested to have “longkang” fishing instead.   “LongKang” in Malay means drainage.   While in the older days in Singapore, where there are still Kampongs (in Malay means villages) and without much electronic entertainment (the best you get is radio and TV), you find kids entertain themselves by doing what nature can offer.  One of fun activities you could do in a  Kampong is go to a water-filled drain and using a net try to catch as many fishes as possible. 

With this picture in mind, I drove my kid to this kids’ fishing place at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 called the Mainland Tropical Fish Farm.   It is quite easy to arrive here by driving along the TPE towards the airport direction and exit at Paris Ris 12.   Once you exit, turn left and after 3 mins, you will find a big signpost of this fish farm.  

When you enter this fish farm, obviously, there will be plenty of fishes.   Many are breed to resale and there are many tropical fishes you will find here.   Many are kept in the tank in the main building and some of the larger breed such as coup are keep in the open pond outdoor.

After viewing some of the fishes in the pond, my kids are eager to catch some.   We proceed to the counter in the main building and  bought 2 tickets at $4 for my kids.  For the price, they rent you a pail and a net which you must return upon completion. You get 30-minute fishing session to catch all the fishes you can catch to keep.

We proceed to the long snake-like concrete “drain” where the longkang fishes are kept.  There are some shelters above to keep the sun-heat away while we try out our fishing skills eagerly.   This is not the traditional fishing that you will expect.   It is more of scooping fishes instead!

The nets provided at this fishing place were made of sturdier wires and the net had deeper depth compare to other kids fishing area which make
“fishing” a bit easier. There are also better longkang fishes like guppies and swordtails in this place so better value of catch.  

As this is the first time my kids are “fishing”, the results is not that fantastics.  However, we are enjoying the whole event together and have great bonding this morning.    When we return our fishes, the owner pour our fishes into a big plastic and pump it up with oxygen.  On top of that, my kids are thrill when the owners gave them some extra fishes to keep.  

My kids enjoyed this fishing trip so much and on the way back, they keep looking at the treasures they have hunted.  We have then kept the fishes in a nice vase after we reached home.   I am sure we will be back for more fishing trip after this.

Time spent: 1-2 hours.  30 mins -1 hour for kids fishing, rest of time visit the fish farm.

Day to visit: Any non-raining day.   Morning is best as the sun is not so hot as it is a outdoor activity.

Combined with: Pasir Ris Park.
Opening Hours

9am to 6pm – Every day.


1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1
Singapore 519352

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Tel: (+65) 6581 2550 or (+65) 6584 3643

Fax: (+65) 6288 4200
Email: enquiries@mainlandfishfarm.com

Getting There

By Car

Use TPE towards PIE and turn off Pasir Ris Ave 12 . Look out for the sign-board along the way to the Pasir Ris Farmway 1.  The Fishfarm is near to the entry to the Farmway.

There are available carparks in front of the farm along the road or in the farm. Parking is FREE


Behind the main building there is a sign-board showing where it is.

Official Website

Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

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