My June School Holidays


How Do I spent my June School Vacation?

When children goes back to school, their friends and teachers usually love to ask them what they did and where do they go during the one month long school holiday.  Well, many of you may wonder where and how I spent my June School Holiday this month too.    Ok, let us share so that you may get more ideas of how to spend time with your children and hopefully you could also share what you have done so that I know more how to answer their constant nagging of where to bring them to in the future.

Indeed, 10062010375 I am proud to say that I managed to organize many interesting activities for my children.   We went to couples of new places that my family had not been before and done many new activities that we had not done before as well.    You may be wondering from the above photos, that they must be somewhere outside Singapore. However, the interesting part is that we did all these in Singapore!  There are still so many things to do and places to visit in Singapore and we do not need to look somewhere further.    To me, the holiday provide me a chance to rediscover Singapore and find hidden treasures in our daily life.

25062010420In this post, I highlight some of the places and activities that we have done together as a family unit.  Those that mark with New icons 17 means new places that we have not been to or some activities that we have not done before the holiday.

Places that we have visited during this holiday are:

1  Slide@T3 New icons 17
1  Bottle Tree Park New icons 17
1  Jacob Ballas Children Garden
1  SengKang Riverside Park
1  Orchard Shopping
1 Elias Park
1 Escape Theme Park New icons 17
1 Downtown East

17062010396 22062010397

Some activities that my children and wife managed to do it together as a family and find interesting are:

1  2D1N stay in Grand Hyatt New icons 17
1  Watching Movies –  Toystory 3 and Prince of Persia New icons 17
1  Fishing at Botttle Tree Park New icons 17
1   Sliding down the tallest slide at Changi T3 New icons 17
1  Watching sunset at Elias Park New icons 17
1  Boat ride at Singapore Zoo New icons 17
1  Shop and eat at 313 somerset New icons 17
1  Feeding fish and turtles at Sengkang River Park
1  Watching Ben10 performance at United Square New icons 17
1  Watching Astroboy performance at Downtown East New icons 17
1  Bowling
1  Visiting libraries
1 Go-Kart and Bummer Boat @ Escape Theme Park New icons 17
1 Joining the River Festival 2010 New icons 17

27062010452 30052010350

Well as you can see it is quite an action-packed vacation.  I am happy that we do make good use of this long holiday to have some good family fun.  It may be tiring at times but they bring us a lot of joy!  Till the next holiday, I sure need to reserve some energy and be prepare for it. 

Let us know how do you spend your June holiday too! Winking


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