Punggol Park

Punggol Park


If you live near Hougang, Sengkang or Punggol, you may already visited this family orientated park with many facilities cater for family leisure.  Although the name is Punggol Park, it is located at Hougang and is popular with the residences staying nearby.  It is one of those quiet parks that you could find in the middle of a busy town.  There are open lawn areas for picnics and kite flying, a fitness equipment  area and many wooded area for leisurely strolls.


The park has two distinctive zones, i.e, the Southern Active Zone where the features for major activities are provided, and the densely forested area in the north of the pond, which forms the “Passive Zone” where one can engage in passive form of recreation.


The Park size is 16 hectare and in the centre is a 5 hectare pond.  The pond is the central of attraction but the water is not very clean  and not well maintained.  However, you might find some people fishing at certain time of the day.   And the ponds enhances the beauty and serenity of the park with its photographic reflection on the water.


DSC01280 PunggolPark This park buzzes with life in the early morning  and in the late evening with people gathering at the Plaza practicing TaiChi and people jogging around the pond.  It is quite a nice park to visit which is away from the busy city life.  Although it is surrounded by streets, at the inner park you could still find tranquility and the beautiful scenery in the park cast a strong contrast against the backdrop of housing apartments.

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Near the carpark, there is a nice restaurant where you can either choose al-fresco dining by the water edge or air-conditioned meals at sit-down tables sipping coffee or cooling off with beer or enjoying the scenery with a bottle of wine.

I visited this park occasionally to jog around the pond and my kids will play at the children playground.   Tips:  Take photos against the beautiful background of long weeds around the pond produce good results.  Remember not to include the buildings and your photo will look great.

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Facilities Available in the Park

022    Barbecue pits
022    Children’s playground
022    restaurant/ cafe – Bliss Restaurant
022    Fitness corner/exercise station
022    Jogging path/ running track
022    Pond

Opening Hours

24 hours but lighting hours from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am

Admission Fees





Junction of Hougang Avenue 8 and 10


One public toilets In the premises.

Getting There

By Car

Carparks are available at the entrance of the park at Hougang Avenue 8.  However, the carpark is very very small and you will not get a lot most of the time.  Park at the open public carpark across the road at Hougang avenue 8.

By Bus
Hougang Ave 8:        74, 119, 62, 147, 113
Hougang Ave 10:      88, 119, 80, 82, 87, 89

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