Quiz 8 – Where in Singapore?

Fun Game – Guess The Place

Come on…… join in the fun!!!  This is the 8th of a series of quizzes to guess where the place in the photo is in Singapore.    This game will test how much you know about Singapore.  It also allows us to discover places that we have not been to.   If you know where the place is, please put it in the comment box.   Even if you have no idea, just give it a try and have fun.


There are not many places like this in Singapore and it should be easy to guess.   To make it even easier, I have threw in another photo… hmm this will be easy (that’s if you have been to this place but I guess many people even local Singaporeans have not).


I will write a review of this place once I have enough comments and guesses and the answer will be revealed soon, please check back this post. 


Start guessing! hi 6











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