Discover the Hidden Gem of Singapore – Chalet Singapore Changi

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Discover the Hidden Gem of Singapore – Chalet Singapore Changi

Singapore is a beautiful tourist destination that provides a perfect blend of modern hospitality and natural beauty. People from all over the world come to Singapore for various reasons. Some multi-national companies have offices in Singapore, while some people come here for leisure trips. There are several places to visit in Singapore, including Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and many others. However, if you are looking for a unique experience, exploring Chalet Singapore Changi should be on your list.

Chalet Singapore Changi is a hidden gem in Singapore that promises an unforgettable experience to the tourists. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and soak in nature’s beauty. It is situated next to the Changi Boardwalk and close to the airport. The chalet is surrounded by lush greenery, elegant sea view, and sandy beaches.

History of Chalet Singapore Changi

Chalet Singapore Changi is not a new property, and it has been in existence for a long time. It has been leased by civil servants and their families since the late 1930s. In the 1960s, university students took over the chalet, and it became a popular camping ground for several youth camps. As the years passed by, it went through renovations, and it was then converted into a chalet by the government.

The Rooms

The chalet offers different kinds of rooms such as standard double room, deluxe triple room, and family room that accommodate a group of four. The rooms are spacious, and they have a comfortable ambiance. Each room has its own ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, and wifi. Some chalets have a garden view, while some have a sea view.

The Facilities

The chalet has many facilities that enable the guests to enjoy a comfortable and fun staycation. The outdoor swimming pool is the perfect spot to relax and have a good time with friends and family. The chalet also has a BBQ pit that is ideal for having a BBQ party with your loved ones. The chalet also provides bicycles for rent, and you can explore the surroundings on your own. There is also a convenience store and a laundry room.

Things to Do

The chalet is close to many tourist attractions, and there are several things to do when you are there. You can visit the Changi Museum, which is a showcase of the World War II Changi Prison, or take a walk along the Changi Boardwalk and enjoy a beautiful sunset. You can also visit the Butterfly Garden, Sea Aquarium, or Universal Studios Singapore, which are just a short car ride away.

Tips for Staying at Chalet Singapore Changi

1. Book in Advance

Chalet Singapore Changi is a popular tourist spot, and it is always in high demand. If you plan to stay there, it is advisable to book your chalet in advance.

2. Plan Your Commute

Chalet Singapore Changi is located far from the city center. It is essential to plan your commute accordingly. You can take a public bus or hire a taxi for transportation.

3. Keep Communicating with Staff

The staff at Chalet Singapore Changi is always ready to help the guests. It is advisable to communicate with them if you have any issues or concerns.


Chalet Singapore Changi is a beautiful place that promises a unique and memorable experience to the tourists. The location of the chalet is perfect for anyone who wants to explore nature and escape from the city’s busy life. The chalet provides modern amenities and facilities that let the guests relax and have a good time. Whether you are planning a solo trip or a family vacation, Chalet Singapore Changi should be on your list of places to visit.

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