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Singapore Flyer – A brother of London Eye


General Description


singapore flyer observation wheel
If you have not been to London Eye and wanted to experience a similar experience, Singapore Flyer is the latest attraction in town to make it happens.  Of course, it is unfair to say you will have a similar experience, as both are different in many ways.   Even if you have been to London Eye, you will experience a different feeling when you sit on the Singapore Flyer as the surroundings, the atmosphere, the view and the people accompanying you are not the same.


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The Singapore Flyer allows visitors to experience some of the best views of Singapore’s coastal lines, the central business districts landmarks, the coming Integrated Resort, the Sentosa Island and even some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.    The wheel is 165 metres tall (which is roughly 42 storey high) and a diameter of 150 metres.   It has 28 capsules and all the capsules are blend-new, air-conditioned and UV protected.   Each capsule is 4m x 7m and accessible easily for wheelchair bound and the elderly.  Each capsule sits 28 person.


Suggested Hours of Visit

flyer1 It is best to visit the Singapore Flyer around 6.30pm to 7.15pm when the sun is slowly
setting down. 

You catch a bit of the sunset plus a good night view when the sky turns dark after around 7.30pm.


Suggested Duration

If you are rushing for time, a simple turn around the Wheel takes around 35 mins. If you have more time, explore the shops, the nice restaurants and take the River Taxi to complete your trip. A evening event for the whole family, which include the River Cruise, Singapore Flyer and complete with a delicious dinner.

Other Facilities
  • Waterfront Dinning
  • Lounge
  • Function room
  • Rooftop garden
1200px Singapore Flyer at the top

Opening Hours


Daily Flights*: 8:30am – 10:30pm
Ticket Sales: 8:00am – 10:00pm

* Last Admission: 10:15pm


Please make your bookings before proceeding to avoid queues, see the contacts below.
A basic admission starts with the following:

Adult: SGD$29.50
Children: SGD$20.65

Senior: SGD$23.60

There are also admission plus Cocktail:

Adult: SGD$69.00
Children: SGD$48.30

Senior: SGD$55.20

There are many other pricing schemes such as express booking and private capsule.
See more pricing details here.

IMG 9148




By River Taxi



30 Raffles Avenue, #01-07

Singapore 030803


Tel: (+65) 6333-3311
Fax: (+65) 6339-9167


Available in the premises.

Visit the official home page for more details.

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