Sengkang Kite Flying

Flying Kites Around SengKang

There are a few places near Sengkang and Hougang that you could see people flying kites at big empty fields scattered between the Buangkok Drive and Anchorvale Street.


One of these empty field of green grass is my favourite kite flying places. It is locate right opposite the Sengkang Swimming Pool, Sengkang Sport Complex and Farmway LRT.   I like to come here for kite flying because I could easily combine 2 or more activities together such as swimming, kite-flying or visiting parks.   On Weekends, this field will be crowded with families and kids running around trying to pull their kites up the sky.  The wind is blowing quite constantly and the filed is big with no obstructions which make this place an ideal place to fly kite. 


Suggested Activities and Tips

The best time to fly the kites are on the early morning 7.30-9.30am or in the evening around 5pm – 7pm.  This place get crowded on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.      If it gets too crowded, cross over to other side of the road which is also nice for kite flying.

Do pack a few cool drinks and wear a hat.

Combined with viist to Sengkang Park, SengKang Swimming Pool, SengKang Sport Complex or dine at the famous Jalan Kayu Roti-Prata Store.




Anchorvale Road, Singapore 544964.  See the green color portion of map.  It is right below Farmway LRT Station (SW2).



Getting There


From the at Sengkang MRT(NE16) station take the LRT Route West to Farmway station (SW2)

By Bus

Bus Services: take bus number 323 from SengKang Bus Terminal and alight at the 3rd bus stop.


By Car

24012010060There are limited parking lots beside the Complex and always full.
I would suggest you to park at the nearest HDB flat carpark such as the one at blk 313 or if you think you are lucky and will not get a summon or traffic fines, you can park along the road like these picture shown.


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