2D1N June 2010 Holidays in Singapore

2 Days 1 Night Trip in Singapore

P1010987 During the June School Holiday, we went to many places in Singapore and even spend one night stay in one of the hotel in Singapore.  Without leaving the shore, we still get the feeling and joy of traveling overseas and I will share with you some of the things we did during the June holidays in more details.  For the start, I would like to share my 2D/1N trip that my family spent in Singapore at a local hotel, Grand Hyatt.


Grand Hyatt Orchard


We chose to pamper ourselves at the luxury hotel, the Grand Hyatt, which has the comforts of a home when staying away from home. The hotel is nicely located right at the start of Orchard Road, in the centre of Singapore’s shopping and entertainment district.  It is just a stone throw away from all the coolest shopping malls of Orchard Road such as the ION, Takashimaya and CK Tang.   The MRT (subway train) is just 3 minutes walk from the hotel lobby which can take you further away from Orchard conveniently.  


My 2D1N Itinerary:


8:30am  Have breakfast at the local coffee shop near my house
9:30am Move out to Grand Hyatt

– Arrived at Scott Road and turned into the hotel carpark which is not so linked to the hotel.  You will need to park near the 2nd floor which is the only entrance to the hotel.

10.15am P1010941Check-In (Usual Check-In time is 2pm)

– We asked for an early check in and was delighted that they instantly agreed and have given us a nice clean comfortable room on the 13th floor.

11.00am P1010964 Swimming at the Grand Hyatt pool

– My children could not wait to get into the beautiful swimming pool and cool down from the heat of the sun. They are having so much fun at the pool alone.  Have a hard time to ask them out of the pool.

12.30pm Fun at Bathtub

– My children did not seem getting enough of the water and spend more time soaking and playing in the big bathtub in the hotel room.

1.30pm Lunch at hotel

– Enjoy an meal at the comfort of the hotel room while dragging children to come out of the bathtub.

2.30pm P1010995 Kids Playing in the Room

– They were contented to just staying and having fun in the room.  They are playing hide-and-seek and exploring hiding places between the closet and the bathroom and those under the long tables.

3.30pm Kids Sleeping

– After exhausting themselves, they took a nap.  For me, I make two cups of coffee and enjoy the aroma and taste with my wife while doing some quite reading.

5.00pm P1010896 313@Somerset
– Took the MRT and alight after 1 station at the Somerset station.   Once out, it links directly to one of the newest shopping mall in Singapore which I would like to check out with my family.
6.00pm Dinner at 313@Somerset

– You will really be spoilt of choices when coming to food as there so many restaurants and of different kinds at 313.   We spent quite some time going up and down the floors and seeing what are offered but could not come to an agreement.   Finally, we decided to have our dinner at the Food court at the top floor of the shopping mall so that each can choose their own liking of food and also we were hungry and thirsty.

7.00pm Great Singapore Sales (GSS)

– We took the MRT back to Orchard Station within 3 mins and decided to do some more shopping since it was the GSS.   Before shopping, we went to book tickets for a cinema show later on.

7.30pm P1010937Borders Bookshop, ION, Marks & Spencer

– While my kids are enjoying browsing the books at the big Borders Bookshop and trying to buy their favourite books, my wife shops at nearby shopping malls of ION and Marks & Spencer.

9.30pm image Watch movie “Prince of Persian: The Sands of Time ” at Lido Cinema, Shaw House.

– Armed with burgers, drinks and crackers we see my childhood game of “Prince of Persian” which turns into movie.  

A great movie that the whole family enjoyed even though the theatre room, Lido 5, is very small.

11.30pm Walk back to hotel
1.00am Sleep ZZZZ




9.00am P1010927Breakfast

– It was drizzling in the morning, one kid still sleeping so we bring the little one who wanted McDonald across the bridge to the opposite Shaw House where he enjoyed his pancakes and we enjoyed our McCafe breakfast.

– I went to Old Townhouse at Far East Plaza to package noodles for elder kid and more coffee for me.

10.30am P1010969 Swimming at the Grand Hyatt pool

– I get more than my daily dose of Vitamin D and suntan from the sun by lying on these cool chairs immersed  partially in the pool.

– My children dive in the pool for their usual splashing of water and games.

11.30pm P1020018 Shopping at Wisma and Takashimaya

– Did more last minute shopping but did not manage to get anything.  

– Kids had some fun at the Digimon Competition and toys sales at Takashimaya event hall.

1.00pm image Lunch at Takashimaya

– Long queues for the many eateries at Takashimaya.  Ended up at the Japanese Ajisen Restaurant.

3.00pm Pack and Ready to Check out
3.00pm Check Out

– We did a late checkout, normal is 12pm.  It is very nice that the hotel again consented for our late checkout.

3.30pm Home Sweet Home


I am fortunate to be able to spent many nights at different hotels around the world every year.  However, like most Singaporeans, the number of times I spent at local hotels pales in number.   Most Singapore Hotels are world-class and well known but I never get many chances of staying in them.   Looking forwards in future to spent some nights locally so as to experience our own hospitality, able to compare them with the those in other countries and able to recommend any good ones to friends.  And most importantly, without travelling elsewhere outside Singapore, one can also enjoy themselves and have an equally great vacation.

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