Bottle Tree Park – 宝瓶庄

Bottle Tree Park (宝瓶庄) – Cool Recreational Village


I have heard of the Bottle Tree Park since 3 years ago and had even considered to organize some team buildings there but I had never got a chance to visit it until recently.    It was during one evening on the 1st week of June that I brought my family there for an outing.  It was a impromptu kind of decision but it turn out to be very nice hang out place. My family loved it and definitely will return for more.  This post will review more about the Bottle Tree Park.


Bottle Tree Park is situated in a remote location, Lorong Chencharu, with its main entrance hidden from passerby on the main road.  Although one of its outer perimeter is next to the busy road of Yishun Ave 1 opposite the current Yishun Stadium , you could hardly feel that it is so close to the densely populated town of Yishun.   The Bottle Tree Park retains the old “Kampong” Malay style village atmosphere and serenity.   The close proximity to Yishun town make it an ideal easy getaway from city life for those living nearby and a nice temporary escape from hectic lifestyle for most Singaporean.


The Bottle Tree Park occupies 7ha of land and took 2.5 years to build from scratch.   This beautiful serene sanctuary has many great attractions and activities all inside the same park!   It has restaurants, children playground, ponds,  conference rooms, mini-zoo, basketball and volleyball courts, an obstacle course, a paintball field and many more! 


30052010346Going to Bottle Tree Park will not be complete without seeing the Bottle Tree since that is where the name of the park gets it name.  The Bottle Trees were imported from Australia, which I have not seen them in other part of Singapore.  They adds enhancement to this beautiful landscape and have been the perfect favorite backdrops for many people taking photos.  Make sure you take a few to proof that you have been there Camera.


P1010459The next thing that will catch your attention is fishing.  At the heart of the compound, is the Prawn-Fishing pond.  It is hard to miss as it is usually gathered with many eager anglers and onlookers.  While I did not try it during this visit, I saw those prawns that were caught were quite big and active.  It seems that there are plenty of prawns to be caught in the pond as well as many of the anglers’ pails are full of them.


P1010466 The favorite part of the whole park for my kids is the Kampong Longkang Fishing.  When my kids saw there are children catching the small fishes, immediately they asked if they could do the same.   They had great fun wading their feet in the water and had great laugh playing “hide-and-seek” with the fishes.   An activity that most children will love but be prepared to bring another set of clothing for this.

30052010350After spending more than an hour catching the small fishes, we managed to persuade the kids to stop and explore other parts of the park.   Next to the Prawn pond, is the eateries area.   There are seafood and Japanese food to choose from.    It will be a relaxing thing to chat with friends and relatives while enjoying your meals, sipping down the cool beer amid the great setting of the outdoor seats beside the pond.  Be sure to ask your kids to spot the giant fresh water fish in the pond right in front of of the Japanese restaurant.


P1010475 At the center of the park are huge fishing ponds where you could try your luck to catch bigger fishes especially for adults.   There are also the swan-shaped boat for romantic couples to paddle through the pond.   Right at the end of the corner of the park is a children playground where we have no time to explore yet but will sure come back for that some other times.


30052010342 Before we leave the place, we check out this dinosaur structure, the farm and the mini-zoo which is interesting for kids.  My kids tried to identify the different kinds of plants, trees and animals there.  However, as the sky is turning dark, we do not manage to stay for too long.


The Bottle Tree Park has become the centerpiece of the Yishun area.   It is such a nice serene place to have fun and relax.   With so many activities to do and admission is free, definitely I am recommending this place for your family and I will come back again for more!


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Facilities and Attractions of the Park

022 Prawn Fishing
022 Jogging and Cycling
022 Kampung Longkang Fishing
022 Swan PaddlingP1010476
022 Conference Room
022 Children Playground
022 Paintball
022 BBQ
022 RC Car Racing
022 Farm and mini-zoo
022 Restaurants

Opening Hours 

8:00 am to 12 midnight


Admission Fees

Free  zz 1

The rate for the LONGKANG FISHING is $10 and the Prawn Fishing is $14.50 per hour.

 Bottle Tree


81 Lorong Chencharu

Singapore 769198

See Maps




Restaurant : 65 6759-7077
Office: 65 6759-5771
Fax: 65 6759-5796



Clean and available free at the Park.  Right in front of the Japanese restaurant.  There are also taps besides the Kampong Fishing pond for washing legs.


Getting There


From the at Khatib MRT of the North-South Line, (you could see from the platform the huge pond), walk 15 minutes across the road to the Park. The Bottle Tree Park’s side entrance is opposite the Yishun Stadium.


By Bus

Bus Services:  Services 39, 85, 851, 852, 853, 854, 855, 857, 858, 965 and 969.   Alight at Yishun Avenue 2 opposite Yishun Stadium when you see the Yishun Stadium.


By Car

30052010353 Coming via CTE, from SLE take EXIT 3 towards Lentor Avenue towards Yishun.  Before the big cross road of Lentor Avenue and Yishun Ave 1, filter left and turn left into Yishun Avenue 1 towards the direction of the zoo.  Immediately keep right, on the first traffic light then turn into Sembawang Road.  Watch out for next turning right lane and turn right into Lorong Chencharu. (Opposite Sembawang Country Club and Airbase.)

There are many parking lots within the Park.   Parking is free within the park.


Official Website:

Bottle Tree

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