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My children love to catch fish the Kampong way, that is, to catch with a net, a pail and catching them  in a drain.  Now a day, there is only one small Kampong (Village in Malay) left in Singapore and very few children are catching fish in the kampong way  as life becomes more affluent.    There are safer and more hygiene way of doing it and one of these places that my kids and me went recently is the Kid’s Kampong.

General Description

The Kid’s Kampong actually started already in 1997 at the Pasir Ris Park but was shifted to the current new location at the Pasir Ris Farmway 1 in 2005.  For those who have been to the Pasir Ris Park back then will remember the small kampong that provides lots of fun for the children.  

The main attraction to this Kid’s Kampong is you get a taste of  the tranquil, simple and quiet atmosphere of the Kampong lifestyle.    The place is quite deep in from the main road and the setup is quite rural and authentic of a real kampong.   Of course,  the main activity that attracts us there is the LongKang Fishing.  However, there are many other Kampong activities that you can participate as well such as feeding the Kampong pets and play the kampong games.



The Kid’s Kampong is divided into a few stations that you can have different activities.  

The main station is for catching or scooping small fishes in the drain using a small net and a plastic bucket.    The water in the drain is clean und clear with many different kind of “drain” fishes swimming in there.   “Drain fish” like guppies are released into drains, built around a huge pavilion, which serves as the “fishing pond” for anglers. My kids were having fun and managed to catch 2 buckets full of fish.   It may look easy to catch as there are many fish in the drain as compared to many other fishing places.   However, when you tried  to catch them they swam away with lightning speed.   I have tried to help my son to catch some and end up perspiring and having backache by bending my body and chasing the fish up and down the winding drain.    I did not managed to catch a lot of fish but get a thrill of kampong fishing.  

This is the one fishing spot where kids can have their fair share of the catch of the day.  No wonder it is a big draw for children.    Children get to keep their treasures at the end of the their hard work.    I guess the difficult part is to keep the fishes alive as they are known to die easily after bring them home.   So your kids must be “educated” and know this in advance to prevent any possible heartache.
There is a rod fishing pool where you can catch fish to redeem present and play a game.

There is the  feeding area where you can feed the bigger fish, chicks, hamsters
rabbits and geese. 
There is also tortoise pond and some chickens.

It is a place highly recommend for your kids during their holidays or weekends.   For parents,  you can get a taste of Kampong life and you may even get back some flashes of your childhood memory if you ever lived in a kampong.  Your child and even yourselves will have a great outdoor activities and will enjoy the day.   It is educational, fun and enjoyable outdoor place for the whole family to visit.


Time spent: 

1- 2 hours.  1 hour for kids fishing.  Rest of time visit the other stations such as feeding pets.  Enjoy a cup of drink or coffee and ice-cream at the kampong cafe.

Day to visit:
Any non-raining day.   Morning is best as the sun is not so hot as it is a outdoor activity.

Combined with:  Pasir Ris Park. 
Opening Hours
9am to 6pm – Every day.

For kids who want to do the fishing is $11 for an hour.  It includes a  plastic bucket, a small fishing net, a bottle of mineral water and a free ice cream.   You can reuse the bucket and fish-net the next time you re-visit, so you can pay less for future visit.

Pay $1 for a packet of feeding fish food.  $3 for line fishing. 

For visitors who are just watching, admission is free.


No 11, Pasir Ris Farmway 1,
Aqua Fauna Centre
Singapore 519355

Getting There
By Bus:
From Pasir Ris bus Interchange, Take bus service number 88 or 359.    Alight at Pasir Ris Drive 12, (Stop Number: 77261) which is the 6th stop (Include Interchange).   Walk another 7 minutes before you reach Aqua Fauna Centre.  Follow the road signboard to get there.



From TPE, exit into Pasir Ris Dr 12. Go straight till end of Dr 12, you will pass by a prominent building (SSMC Factory).  At the bend, turn left into FARMWAY 1. There are available carparks in front of the Kampong. Parking is FREE. Follow the road signboard to get there.

In the main building there is a sign-board showing where it is.
Phone: (+65) 6583 9030
Fax:  (+65) 6583 8030
Email: kidskpg@singnet.com.sg
Official Website
Paris Ris Kid’s Kampong

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