Singapore Public & School Holiday 2010

Singapore Holidays Planning

calendar Whether you are planning for a vacation to Singapore or planning a family outing, it will be good to know in advance what are the public holidays that are scheduled in Singapore for 2010 so that you could planned accordingly. 

For visitors planning to visit Singapore, you might want to try to catch the local festive atmosphere during some of these public holidays.  Usually during these festive sessions, there are many organized events, many places are decorated and you could see the multiracial and multi-facial side of Singapore. 

For Singaporean and residents, you could sync your holiday plans by taking advantage of extending your vacations with these public and School holidays or avoid the crowds during these periods. 


Public Holidays 2010

Here are the scheduled public holidays and I will feature from time to time places to go to soak in the festive atmosphere during some of these festive holidays such as during Chinese New Year, Deepavali, National Day or during Hari Raya.  So remember to check this blog from time to time.

New Year’s Day Friday 1 January
Chinese New Year Sunday 14 February
Monday 15 February
Tuesday 16 February
Good Friday Friday 2 April
Labour Day Saturday 1 May
Vesak Day Friday 28 May
National Day Monday 9 August
Hari Raya Puasa Friday 10 September
Deepavali Friday 5 November (needs to be checked against the Indian Almanac when it is available.)
Hari Raya Haji Wednesday 17 November
Christmas Day Saturday 25 December


School Holidays in Singapore 2010

For many popular places in Singapore, holidays especially during school holidays are packed with people and children!   You may want to avoid these days if you want to avoid the crowds.   For Singaporean and residents, these long school holidays mean they could plan for a longer vacations and to visit somewhere further.  For most of the Primary and Secondary School, there are scheduled school breaks after each terms and usually after an exam.

After Term I Saturday 13 March – Sunday 21 March
After Term II Saturday 29 May – Sunday 27 June
After Term III Saturday 4 September – Sunday 12 September
After Term IV Saturday 20 November – Friday 31 December
Youth Day Sunday 4 July
Monday 5 July
Day after National Day Tuesday 10 August
Teachers´ Day Wednesday 1 September
Children´s Day Friday 1 October


So use the above schedules for your holiday planning in Singapore 2010.

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