F1 Singapore 2010 Results

Formula 1 Alonso Wins Again!

3903962918 3b82332193 mThe Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso, won his 2nd Singapore Grand Prix victory last night.  The win only come after a dramatic electrify battle with Sebastian Vettel  tailing him close behind and breathing down his neck for the entire 61 laps.   The steady chase saw them finish only 0.2 second apart! 

Mark Webber won the third place and extends his lead in the Championship to eleven points.  The McLaren driver, Lewis Hamilton lost his cool and threw his steering wheel in anger after his car died upon colliding with Mark Webber in the 36th lap.


Singapore F1 Results

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1 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1:57:53.579
2 Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault +0.293 secs
3 Mark Webber RBR-Renault +29.141 secs
4 Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes +30.3 secs
5 Nico Rosberg Mercedes GP +49.3 secs
6 Rubens Barrichello Williams-Cosworth +56.1 secs
7 Robert Kubica Renault +86.5 secs
8 Felipe Massa Ferrari +113.3 secs
9 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes +122.4 secs
10 Nico Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth +132.8 secs


The Championship Standings after Singapore Formula 1
1.  Mark Webber Australian – 202
2.  Fernando Alonso Spanish – 191
3.  Lewis Hamilton British – 182
4.  Sebastian Vettel German – 181
5.  Jenson Button British – 177
6.  Felipe Massa Brazilian – 128
7.  Nico Rosberg German – 122
8.  Robert Kubica Polish – 114
9.  Adrian Sutil German – 47
10. M. Schumacher German – 46


F1 Entertainments Sideline

Last weekend was packed with stars performing during the F1 race such as Mariah Carey, Flo Rida,Missy Elliott, American Idol Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry

Here are some of the interesting slidelines …

Mariah Carey fell on stage during Singapore concert while performing “Make It Happen” in Singapore September 26, 2010.  Seems like she had issues with her $10,000 shoes as an assistant came out and removed them afterwards.

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The former American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert tones down his act in Singapore in respect for cultural differences from those in the US.

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Daughtry performing their chart-topping hits at LG Live Fan Zone Stage at Padang Grandstand!

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F1 deal beyond 2012

No doubt, F1 Singapore has become an interesting highlight of the annual Formula 1 calendar and it is already in its 3rd years of its 5 years deal since 2008.  Singapore Formula 1 is a success and F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone said he would be happy if Singapore can host it for another 20 years

However, the Singaporean government has not decided whether to extend its Formula One race contract beyond 2012.  The Government needs to weigh up the costs and benefits before making a decision about the future of the event.

The F1 race helps Singapore to be in the spotlight of the world and adds to the variety and diversity of events available in Singapore.  However, the high costs of organizing the event and other issues such as traffic issues and negative effects on businesses in the Marina Bay areas need to be considered as well.

As for me, I wish that Singapore will continue to host the event as long as it is viable.   The excitement of the races and the supporting entertainment activities especially the attraction of super Stars to perform in Singapore really make Singapore a more vibrant and dazzling place to stay and visit, so please don’t take it away.  





Source:  formula 1 Photo: WhyOhGee, Todo-Juanjo

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