Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine Day 2010

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This year Chinese New Year is quite special as it falls on the same day with the Valentine Day on 14-February-2010.  Many couples, especially the young and just falling in love, are still figuring out how to juggle with these two important events in this year.

On the Chinese New Year Eve, the Chinese will have their important re-union dinner where many delicious dishes are served and enjoyed in the company of all the family members.   In Singapore, family members usually see each others quite often as it is so small as oppose to large countries like China where some of people only see their family members only once a year during CNY reunion dinner.  Nevertheless, reunion dinner is still a big event for the Chinese family in Singapore.   Most families will dine at home while many also feast at their favorite Chinese restaurant.   If you are planning to have dinner at any of the Chinese restaurants on 13-Feb or 14-Feb, you will need to reserve very early.  For visitors to Singapore, you are advised to dine at other types of restaurants.  You may find challenges to look for food and shops on Chinese New Year Eve, on CNY and the next few days that follow.   Your best chances to get food are from stalls operated not by Chinese and also the fast-food restaurants such as KFC and McDonald.

intertwined heart locket valentines

During this festive session, I would like to wish you and your family an enjoyable reunion dinner, a yummy Chinese New Year Eve, a prosperous CNY and a Happy Valentine Day!.  As this year is the year of Tiger, all the wishes below are related to Tiger (虎).

Wishing You and your Family:

cute baby tigers 虎虎生威  Prosper with fury like a Tiger

虎啸祥瑞 Tiger roars in a lucky new year for you

福虎凌云 Success soars sky high with blessing of Lucy Tiger

瑞虎丰年 A good prosperous year with blessing of Lucy Tiger

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