Maximize Your Leave 2010

Use the Long Weekends Wisely

Although not as good as last year in term of the opportunities to use the many scheduled holidays which fall on either Monday or Friday,  there are still quite many 2010 holiday falling on Friday and Saturday which you can cleverly use them to extend your holidays.

For those working in Singapore, you could maximize your leave to enjoy a longer stretch of holiday.  The following calendar from “mypaper” list down the possible ways to extend your holiday with minimum application of leave.  

During the Chinese New Year, apply for 3 days during 17-19th Feb and you could enjoy a 9 days breaks.   If you plan for a very long holiday of more than 3 weeks during November School Holiday, you can follow the example of applying leave on 8-Nov till 12-Nov, 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th Nov.  For just 9 days of leave you could enjoy a super long 17 days of holiday.   See the school holiday 2010 each term to plan for your holiday as well.  So, start planning and applying for your leaves now 😉



Source: myPaper

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